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Roma Downey's “Resurrection” film just in time for Easter!


Discovery+ will premiere MGM and LightWorkers’ Resurrection, a feature length motion picture from Roma and husband, Mark, on March 27, 2021. The film follows the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion. After Jesus’ followers are hunted, leaderless and desperately searching for understanding when Jesus rises from death, they realize that hope didn’t die on the cross. It lives on in them. “In their humanity we see ourselves and are reminded that they were flesh and blood just like us,” shares Roma. 

Resurrection is produced by Roma, Mark, and The Bible showrunner Richard Bedser. “Faithful audiences crave content that speaks to their faith and values, and we can think of no better home for this film than discovery+.” says Roma and Mark. “We look forward to sharing Resurrection’s ultimate story of hope with the discovery+ viewers and are grateful to be able to share this epic story with families just in time for the Easter season.” David Zaslav, president and CEO of Discovery, Inc said, “We are honored to premiere Resurrection on discovery+ and shine a light on perhaps the most important story ever told. The film is emblematic of our ambition with discovery+ to provide a subscription service for everyone, including premium storytelling for the entire family. We are thrilled to partner with Mark and Roma on this powerful film.”

While the virus has made filmmaking impossible for many, Roma and Mark were able to produce Resurrection using footage (pulled scenes and narratives from their previous films) from MGM and Lightworkers’ vast library of biblical material in place of filming during the pandemic. Roma says, “People long for hope right now, especially Christians, who want to see content that reflects their values.”  

LightWorkers Media 

Roma and Mark launched LightWorkers in 2011. Their mission is “to create engaging uplifting, and inspirational content that breaks through the clutter, building a community of sharing and igniting a movement in the real world that motivates people to celebrate and share the good all around them.” It is now an MGM company with Roma serving as its creative lead. “We are blessed to combine what we do and what we believe,” shares Roma. 

LightWorkers.com has become an online destination for encouraging short-form digital and social content with over 300 million monthly video views. By doing something positive and uplifting daily they are part of the solution. They have also produced the 10-hour hit ministries The Bible which was viewed over 100 million times in the U.S. and was nominated for three Emmy awards. The series generated a feature film adaptation with Son of God, which became one of the highest faith movie openings of all time when it debuted at the box office in 2014, as well as a successful sequel miniseries, A.D. The Bible Continues, which premiered on NBC the following year. Other television series they have produced under MGM’s LightWorkers division, include the recently released reality hit series Country Ever After for Netflix, Messiah for Netflix, The Women of the Bible for Lifetime, The Dovekeepers for CBS, and Answered Prayers for TLC. They were also executive producers on the feature films Little Boy for Open Road Films, Woodlawn for PureFlix, Ben-Hur for MGM and Paramount and the documentary Faithkeepers about the persecution of Christians and other minorities in the Middle-East. LightWorkers is also producing the upcoming feature film On A Wing And A Prayer for MGM which will star Dennis Quaid. 

Background On Mark And Roma 

Born and raised in Ireland, Roma is a celebrated Emmy-nominated actress and producer (“Touched by an Angel”) who is married to award-winning producer Mark Burnett (“Survivor," “The Voice,” “Shark Tank”). Together they are the founders of LightWorkers Media, a division of MGM Television and Digital. They have produced projects like The Bible Series and Son of God. Their passion and desire is to create productions that will encourage, uplift, and awaken another generation to the Bible. They also use their social media platform to contribute positive and uplifting messages daily. They want to be part of the solution in sharing hope with the world. 

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