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Thousands of miles away in a neighborhood in Ghana known for crime, violence and poverty, there sits a city dump.  Crews from CfaN cleared the trash and flattened the ground.  They built a stage and set up light and sound towers.  Soon more than 700,000 people filled the place to overflowing for 4 nights of praise and worship. Garbage was burning on the edges of the dump.  It smelled terrible.  “Off to my left were piles of burning rubbish.  There were goats and chickens milling around,” said Daniel.  By the end of the week, the dump got a new name: Holy Ground.  “I believe it captures the heart of what God is doing through our Gospel Campaign in Africa,” he says.  

Daniel leads worship on the album.  They dusted off some classics as well as introduced some new songs.  The first song is “Goodness and Mercy,” a new song written by Daniel himself. “We are always trying new things, new technologies, whatever it takes to reach a new generation.  We stick to the original Gospel,” says Daniel.  “We preach salvation by grace through faith.  We preach the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the same emphasis that evangelist Reinhard Bonnke had when he started this ministry over 40 years ago.”  Daniel wanted the fusion of the old and the new to be reflected in the songs for this album.  “There’s something about those old songs.  They’re so rich and full of Gospel truth,” he says.  “We love what God is doing with the new worship movement, and we wanted to embrace that as well.” Holy Ground was recorded in Tema-Ashaiman, Ghana on December 3-6, 2015.

Daniel says people are being set free by the thousands.  In every one of their campaigns, Daniel preaches about the blood of Jesus.  “People are very aware of the spiritual world in Africa.  People are very willing to confront these spiritual issues,” he says.  After he preaches, Daniel gets a list of the names of the demonic spirits.  “The people live in fear of the curses and I stand on the pulpit, calling them by name and breaking their power,” he says.   Then he asks the people to bring their charms, ancestral idols and emulets, put them in big drums and burn them.  “The people rejoice in their newfound freedom.  Even witch doctors!  It is the full Gospel of Jesus: salvation, deliverance, healing and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” “Fill Me Now” is the second song on the album and a song that was sung during the Azusa Street Revival over a hundred years ago.  “We are singing that same song under the African sky with hundreds of thousands of people, and the Holy Spirit is still being poured out not over hundreds but upon multitudes,” says Daniel. “It’s the fulfillment of prophecy right before our eyes.”

Daniel, a fifth generation preacher, felt called to preach at the age of 7.  He went to Brownsville Revivals at 16 and in one of the meetings, Daniel felt the Lord tell him he was supposed to work for Reinhard.  Daniel, then 18, decided to go to school in Brownsville and while there met Reinhard on a chance encounter on the beach.  Reinhard recognized his last name from Daniel’s uncle.  For years, Daniel never heard from Reinhard.  Unbeknownst to Daniel, Reinhard moved his ministry to headquarters to Orlando in 2004.  At the time, Daniel was pastoring a small church when a friend called saying CfaN was hiring.  Daniel got a job in the warehouse and one day Reinhard saw Daniel working.  He asked him to travel with him as an assistant.  Soon Reinhard told Daniel to start his own ministry which he did.  Two years later,  in 2006 Reinhard told Daniel he felt the Lord tell him that Daniel was supposed to take over his ministry, so they started ministering together.  Reinhard is preparing for his Farewell Crusade which is taking place in Lagos, Nigeria in November.  They are expecting it to be the largest gathering in the history of the world.

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Guest Info


President/CEO, Christ for all Nations (CfaN)

Successor to evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Latest project: Holy Ground, DVD of CfaN’s massive live praise and worship experience in Ghana

Host of TV syndicated show that airs in 188 countries

BS Accounting, Southeastern Bible College, Lakeland, FL

Brownsville Revival School of Ministry

Married, 2 sons, 2 daughters


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