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Patricia grew up on a farm in Stratford, Canada.  When she was 8 years old, she encountered two people who prophesied over her.  “I didn’t even know Jesus until I was 12,” she says.  “They said I would lead people to Jesus.”  Her heart burned inside of her, but Patricia had no idea what any of that meant.  After she gave her heart to the Lord, Patricia says she knew she had a sense of destiny.  “ I knew I had to fulfill this call of God on my life,” she says.  “That was the beginning of what it meant to me to encounter God and live for Him.”  

Patricia decided to be a nurse and felt she might get into medical missions trying to fill that sense of destiny.  At 19, while living at her parents’ home on summer break, she woke up every night for three weeks at 2 am.  Patricia was awakened by strange occurrences in her bedroom including seeing figures in black hoods, hearing voices in her room and seeing objects move mysteriously.  Those nights, she whispered the name of Jesus out of fear, not out of authority so she sought help and answers from a charismatic pastor.  He prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit which manifested in the car on the way home.  Excited to receive the gift of tongues, Patricia walked into her bedroom and commanded the tormenting spirits to leave in the name of Jesus! That night she slept through the night.  Ever since then, Patricia has been exercising the benefits of speaking and praying in tongues.  

In 1994, the Toronto revival catapulted Patricia’s faith.  “The whole move of the Spirit was massive,” she says.  “My intimacy and passion for God went through the roof.  I realized God is able and will do what He says he will do.”  

Patricia reminds us that we have one life to live and that our purpose is to love God with all of our heart.  She says we can do that through prayer, prophecy and the Word of God.  She says people are desperate to experience God, not just at conferences or events, but on a continuous, daily basis.

Patricia reminds us that prayer is the key that connects us to the heart and power of God, but many people won’t take the time to do it.  Patricia says prayer needs to be a priority in our lives and should be a habit that we schedule every day.  Perhaps it means getting up earlier or rearranging our schedules. She says prayer is a two way street:  we need to pray and listen to the voice of God.  Take scripture passages and make them your prayers.  For example, she prays the prayer of Jabez over her children. Speak in agreement with the Word and heart of God.  

The role of the Holy Spirit is to speak to us.  When we get in the presence of God, and hear what He has to say, confusion leaves and peace prevails.  When learning to hear the voice of God, we will make mistakes, but it is a gift we need to develop.  When we feel like we’ve heard from the Lord, write down what the Lord speaks to us.  Test the revelations we receive as they will be consistent with God’s nature and His Word.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” Psalm 119-105.  Patricia says reading the Word of God will feed our soul and change our lives.  It is important to focus on the Bible to develop wisdom and sound biblical knowledge.  “Know His Word,’ says Patricia.  “It inspires us, and it reads us.” 

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Co-Senior Pastor with husband John of Catch the Fire Toronto

Director, Catch the Fire House of Prayer Toronto

Leads Ontario Prophetic Counsel and represents Ontario to the Canadian Prophetic Counsel

Ministers as a prophetic voice internationally

Has assisted in starting Houses of Prayer

6 children

3 grandchildren


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