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After Miscarriages, Couple Blessed Beyond Imagination

Ryan and Julia were married in 2009 but decided to wait 7 years before trying to have children.  In 2015, on New Year’s Eve, Ryan and Julia put together a prayer list including having children.  “We decided to pray for those requests until we had clear answers, or they were answered,” says Julia. “James 4:2 says You have not because you ask not.” 

In 2016, Julia got pregnant right away but miscarried.  Soon she got pregnant again and while on vacation, Julia miscarried a second time.  When Julia got pregnant and miscarried a third time, Julia was speaking at a women’s event.  “I was hosting 100 teenage girls and speaking about God having a purpose for you regardless of what happens to you,” she says.  2016 seemed to be their worst year but still they kept praying.   “When things seem hard, God still has a purpose in that time,” says Julia.  As a husband, it was difficult for Ryan.  “It was hard to watch Julia go through that.  I always want to be involved, but not being able to fix it, was hard for me.”

In 2017, Julia got pregnant again.  This time, an ultrasound revealed she was carrying triplets! The final prayers on their list were for God to bless them with multiples, for God to bless them with 3 biological children and for God to do more than anything they could imagine (Ephesians 4:20). “Ironically, we never imagined God’s answering all three of those prayers in one miracle,” says Julia. “We ended up with triplets because God ordained their lives and answered our prayers,” she says.  Excited, Julia posted a photo on social media.  Then they started praying for a TV show, to be able to let an audience know that God answers prayer.  The idea waned as Julia focused on keeping her triplets alive to full term.  One day while in her fourth month, Ryan asked her if she was still praying for the TV show.  She said no.  They decided to pray for a TV show one more time.  The next day, TLC called to say they saw her on social media and wanted them to be featured on their new reality series called Rattled along with 4 other couples!  

Julia began to have contractions at week 23 and doctors were concerned the babies would be born blind or deaf.  “When the doctors said that, we asked him to leave,” says Julia who was confined to bedrest in the hospital for 50 days. Ryan stayed by her side, sleeping on a small couch in her room, bringing her snacks and doing laundry earning him the title “Saint Ryan” by the hospital staff.  In her inactivity, Julia found solace in her faith and trust in the Lord.  The babies came 10 weeks early and spent 9 weeks in neonatal intensive care.  

Today Ryan and Julia are quick to tell others about the faithfulness of God.  “When we lost those babies, we kept praying for babies and asking God for multiples,” she says.  “We miscarried 3 times and God did more than we could imagine.  What an incredible answer to Ephesians 3:20 God is able to do more than you can ask or imagine. “ Julia credits her father, Pastor Robert Jeffress, for teaching her to have faith in God.  “As my father says Faith is not believing God will do what we want Him to do.  Faith is believing God is who He says He is and acting accordingly.”  Losing 3 babies in one year was extremely difficult for Ryan and Julia yet they remained faithful in their ministry and as a result, hundreds of people came to the Lord.  “You can still have a thriving relationship with God and run to him and be closer,” says Ryan.

The biggest thing they learned through their difficult time is that God creates our dreams.  “We don’t have to separate what we want from what God wants for our lives,” says Julia.  “We’ve been able to witness to so many people.”  Ryan and Julia believe the triplets are a miraculous answer to their specific and persistent prayers.  “The triplets belong to a God who is able and who did more than we could imagine!” she says.

The babies were born December 6, 2017.  Rattled airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 10/9 Central.

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Ryan: Student Pastor, First Baptist Dallas

Pursing Masters at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Julia: Licensed, professional counselor

MA Counseling, Dallas Baptist University

Girls minister at First Dallas

Parents to triplets; Blair, Barrett and Blake

1 of 5 couples featured in TLC’s Rattled


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