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Faith Through Tragedy Inspires Artist's Latest Album

David grew up as one of six children in a loving Christian family that is very musical. He shares, “Family gatherings were always very musical. At some point during our family visits we end up playing our instruments and singing.” Yet, in his hometown of Midland, Texas, the oil industry is front and center. David’s dad and brothers are all in the oil industry so an oil engineering degree seemed likely for him as well. David also immersed himself in basketball and played college ball for a short time.  When that came to an end, his schedule really opened up, allowing for his musical creativity to grow. While in college he moonlighted as a singer-songwriter at night and during his senior year he recorded his first full-length album before going on a humanitarian trip to Africa for 13 months. David wanted to help some of the people of Africa with microfinance by helping them start their own businesses which boosts the economy. However, David explains, “I failed at it. It was one of the most difficult things to handle because I had never failed before. It was probably the biggest growth period of my life.” During his time in Africa, he nearly died and came home with a horrible case of malaria. Nursing his wounds, his outlet was his music. As David continued writing “about the things he cared about,” it led to a brief appearance on Season 2 of “The Voice” back in 2011. David says he doesn’t really focus on that because it was a blip on his radar as he was only on for about twenty-five seconds. Regardless, David is appreciative of that time and continues to make music that honors God. “When I write songs, they are usually about what I’ve been learning. Art is my context for being able to say what is on my mind, and hopefully, it can help encourage those who are in a similar place in life.”

David’s latest CD Yellow Balloons was written with niece, Moriah, in mind. As his music career blossomed, he moved to Nashville, TN. However, on a rare stop into his hometown of Midland, Texas on September 18, 2015 David stopped by his sister’s home to visit his two young nieces. After having fun, they put his nieces to bed for their nap but tragically, two-year-old Moriah never woke up. David shares, “I still get choked up talking about Mo’s death. It was completely unexpected and leaves us with heartache and so many questions. She was always healthy. It just seems unreal.”

David typically writes about what is going on in his life. He wrestled with God for months over the tragedy of his niece’s passing and his latest CD reflects his pain. “I wanted to tell the world that everything was okay because God’s still in control even when bad—really bad—things happen. But I couldn’t write that song,” David recalls. Realizing that his pain and grief was different than his sisters, he spent time with her to bring comfort. Yet her perspective on the tragedy comforted him. “Her take on the tragedy was this: ‘I don’t know why this happened, but I do know that if God isn’t with us, then it’s going to be a mountain we can’t scale. We won’t get through it.’” David says, “That’s a faith I could live out, and the lyrics just flowed.” Together they wrote the song Yellow Balloons which became the title track of this album. Shortly after Moriah’s death, David’s sister found out she was pregnant again. “There is no doubt in my mind that God is moving in the situation because there were some touches of grace to our family afterwards.” Today, David is happily married to Leen and they are expecting their first child together—a baby boy. 

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Latest CD (3rd full album): Yellow Balloons, BEC Recordings, 2017


Graduated from Texas Tech University with honors


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