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Raised by a mother who liked to regift, Jill thought it was a nice gesture and even had a closet in her home dedicated for giving gifts to others that she thought better suited them. For example, if she got a sewing kit as a gift, but didn’t know how to sew, why not give that gift to someone who loves sewing? As a fan of Oprah, Jill tried for over five years to be in the audience but one day, she saw that they were looking for regifters for an etiquette segment. Jill signed up to be on the show. Yet, while on Oprah, she was pummeled by etiquette experts saying that regifting is tacky, rude, and unacceptable. In that moment, Jill was horrified and tried her best not to cry on live TV. This experienced crushed her. She went home and cleared out her gift closet.

Feeling broken and dejected, Jill also didn’t enjoy practicing law. She decided to take a sabbatical from law and to focus on family and cultivate new hobbies. Later, she accepted a position as an adjunct law professor but Jill’s God-given gift of giving wouldn’t go away. Years after the Oprah experience, her regifting closet was still empty when it hit her, “I could fill the closest with my own creations—my own type of gifting closet of sorts. It was in that moment that I finally realized the pain carried from the Oprah show was going to serve a purpose.”

While watching TV at 2:00 am in the morning, Jill saw a woman that make her own jewelry and cuffs. “It resonated with me because I had a love for all things cuffs/bracelets.” Jill started searching the internet on how to make them herself. After making cuffs and giving them as gifts, requests for cuffs from paid customers started pouring in. “I continued teaching law and found myself increasingly filling orders for cuffs from all around Tulsa, not just for people I knew.” One night while watching a show, Jill decided to send the hosts some Rustic Cuff bracelets. Soon after, while watching Kathie Lee Gifford interview Barry Manilow, Jill couldn’t believe her eyes, “Kathie Lee was wearing a cuff from the box I had just shipped her!” This encouraged Jill to send other celebrities Rustic Cuff’s. After that, Miranda Lambert, Giuliana Rancic, Kristin Chenoweth, and even Oprah Winfrey were wearing Jill’s creations.

Jill has always had a heart to give to others and with the popularity of Rustic Cuff, her giving still continues. She relies on God’s promptings to give to others and is teaching her staff to do the same. One day when Jill was grocery shopping she felt led to give the cashier a cuff with an inspirational message. It was of course the longest line in the store and after a long day on her feet, Jill wanted to go home. Yet, she was convinced it was the Lord. When it was her turn at the register Jill said, “Hi! I don’t think we have ever met, but I wanted to give you a bracelet. She looked straight at me, and tears filled her dark brown eyes.” The cashier responded, “You would have no way of knowing this, but yesterday I got diagnosed with breast cancer. When I got home from the doctor I prayed and asked God to give me a sign of hope that everything was going to be OK.” The cuff Jill gave to her was pink, the color for breast cancer awareness. The cashier thanked Jill for the sign of hope. This is only one small example of how God has used Jill’s gift of blessing others. She has also been featured on KJRH Tulsa Channel 2 News with segments called, “The Kindness Effect with Jill Donovan” where she randomly gives to others. Jill wrote her book to show what happens when you give big, never give up, and pursue your dreams.

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Founder of Rustic Cuff, a million-dollar business

Author of: The Kindness Effect, Charisma House, 2018

ORU Grad



Adjunct Law Professor

Married with two children


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