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Preparing Singles for Marriage

Married and Young’s online ministry started because Jamal and Natasha Miller wanted to share their marriage journey. What began as a blog and is now a world-wide movement to encourage singles how to get ready for marriage, God’s way. They also help married couples strengthen their marriage. They are reaching over 30,000 singles and couples monthly with the message of having a thriving Christ centered marriage. Twenty contributing writers on staff are helping singles and couples do the right things every day. In addition, Married and Young features two major online conferences a year, one for the married folks called: The Online Marriage Conference and one for the single folks called: The Online Singles’ Conference.

Today, Married and Young’s ministry has transformed into The One University where the Miller’s have paired up with the top relationship experts, designers, and developers to create a custom platform that will help you not only connect with other singles from around the world, but also be guided through the 7 stages of their Singles Success Path to Marriage. Key focus areas include: healing from the past; how to attract Mr. or Mrs. Right; learning to date God's way; setting standards worth keeping; and how to know you’ve found the one. In addition, Jamal has written a book called, 25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other Than Dating, which was featured on Amazon’s hot new releases list. Jamal explains, “Every second I spent before I said, ‘I do’ was preparation for marriage… I cannot stress how important it is to prepare for the covenant that changes everything. When I teach on this, the first response I get is, ‘Well, I don’t have anyone to date to prepare for marriage.’” Consequently, Jamal wrote this book giving singles a way to get ready for marriage by: developing a strong relationship with Jesus; getting ready financially; growing healthy friendships with the opposite sex; developing strong relationships with mentors and spiritual parents; living life above reproach; and learning what you can about marriage before getting married, etc.  Jamal explains, “Your love story does not begin when you meet your spouse, it began the day you said, ‘I will prepare myself for the union that will last a lifetime.’” It is Jamal and Natasha’s desire to change the divorce rates by giving people practical advice and showing them what a Christ centered relationship looks like.

While Natasha was online she ran across Jamal’s page and they both recognized how much they had in common—love for God and a heart for serving in ministry. Eventually, Jamal messaged her, and they continued to correspond. After speaking on the phone, they felt an instant connection. Desiring to honor God in their relationship, they turned to their spiritual mentors and parents for advice. After getting their blessing to move forward, they decided to meet. Natasha met Jamal at his church and after spending time together and sharing their hearts, they knew they were a match. Shortly after meeting each other’s families and spending more time together, they got engaged and married—their entire courtship lasted one year and eight months. They both impress the importance of prayer, putting God first, and turning to your spiritual mentors for advice. Jamal shares that, “Once you put your situation in God’s hands, He will fulfill the desires of your heart.”

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Author of: 25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other Than Dating, (Miller Media & Communications, 2014) -Amazon.com hot new releases

Founders of Miller Media Group, million-dollar enterprise, centerpiece is MarriedAndYoung.com

Founders of The One University

Featured in Forbes.com as million-dollar millennial entrepreneurs

Two daughters


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