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How This Wellness Crusader Beat Cancer

Chris Wark was an active 26-year-old husband, busy landing real estate deals, flipping houses, and recording albums and touring with his band Arma Secreta (secret weapon). On December 23, 2003 he received a devastating diagnosis of stage IIIc colon cancer. Three days after Christmas, he was taken into surgery where they removed multiple lymph nodes, a golf-ball sized tumor and 1/3 of his colon. The doctors told Chris he would need to start chemotherapy and his family agreed. Yet, Chris’ faith in the medical community wasn’t strong when the first meal he was served after surgery was sloppy joes. Before Chris left the hospital, he asked his doctor if there were any foods he should avoid. The doctor responded, “Nah, just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer.” Chris explains, “These were my first indications that there was a vast disconnect between healthcare and healthy food.” Not sure what to do, Chris began praying and doing research. He felt that the Lord would have him take another route through nutrition and exercise. He also worked with an integrative doctor and nutritionist who both agreed with his plan of action. But most of his family did not. He felt tremendous pressure from them to undergo chemo. But Chris didn’t feel right about that course of action. On top of that, Chris and his wife Micah also found out that she was four months pregnant shortly after his cancer diagnosis. Desperate to live, Chris took action.

Immediately after surgery, Chris began juicing daily and radically changed his diet by consuming a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. He also focused on eliminating stress and unforgiveness from his life and started an extensive exercise routine. Six years later, Chris found himself completely cancer free and by year six, he felt he needed to go public and help others. He launched the popular www.ChrisBeatCancer.com website. Now, rather than focusing on his story, he prefers helping others prevent cancer by: changing their diet by eating 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (serving is ½ cup), exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day, minimizing stress, and focusing on spiritual healing (the importance of forgiveness), Chris explains, “Revisiting all the times you’ve been hurt is something most people don’t want to do. I know it’s hard, but this is a critical step…You can radically change your diet and lifestyle but if you don’t forgive the people who have hurt you and let go of your anger and bitterness towards them, you might not get well.”

Chris also gives five tips on beating the cancer mindset: 1. Accept total responsibility for your health.
2. Be willing to do whatever it takes. 3. Take massive action. 4. Make plans for the future. 5. Enjoy your life and the process. Today, fifteen years after his initial diagnosis with advanced colon cancer, he is still completely cancer free and in the best shape of his life.

As a committed Christian, he brings a Christ-centered approach to the popular topic of natural healing. Chris explains, “I don’t tell patients what treatments to do or not do. I just help them evaluate their options, so they can make an informed decision and not be rushed into potentially life-threatening treatments they don’t understand. I recommend working with a doctor, but on your own terms. The patients should be in charge of their healing journey.”

Part of his book targets the big business of pharma, standard medical practice, and the horrible state of the food we consume. For example, there is a disconnect in the medical community when it comes to nutrition and health. Many doctors don’t utilize the power of living foods to help heal their patients. Instead, many ignore it and throw more prescriptions at their patients instead. In addition, the quality of the food we consume is so laden with chemicals. “Fresh food has been replaced with fast food… Food manufacturers strip food of its nutritional value and then add unnatural chemical ingredients,” says Chris. Navigating through all of these obstacles can be overwhelming. Chris has written this book to inspire others to take control of their health and to show them what worked for him. 

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National best-selling author: Chris Beat Cancer (Hay House, 2018)

15 year holistic colon cancer survivor

Blogger at ChrisBeatCancer.com--millions of visitors yearly

Half-million email newsletter subscribers

Over 100k followers on YouTube & Facebook

Wellness crusader; patient advocate

International speaker

Appeared on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, The Dr. Nandi Show, Good Morning San Diego, The Lisa Oz Show

Featured on The Truth About Cancer docu-series and documentary film The C Word

Married to Micah with two daughters: Marin Elizabeth and Mackenzie Rae


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