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Making History with a Medical Miracle

On July 25, 2015, Dr. Ajay Seth woke up ready to face another day in the office, not knowing that the patient he would soon care for would not only change the trajectory of his life, but also medical science as we know it. On the same day, 43-year-old Melissa Loomis woke up and let her dogs out—all part of her daily routine. Not long after, she heard her dogs fighting with something and when she ran outside, she realized it was a raccoon. Worried that her dogs might kill the raccoon, she reached out to pull her dog away when the raccoon sank its teeth into the bottom of her right wrist. When Dr. Seth got the call after she was admitted into the hospital, he wasn’t worried. Knowing they had to be extra careful because Melissa also had diabetes, she was given strong antibiotics. Yet, the infection that began to ravage her body, was anything but normal. They all remained calm and Dr. Seth assured her that she wouldn’t lose her arm. Twenty-nine days and 13 surgeries later, that all changed. He explains, “It would be my toughest, most challenging case, mentally and physically. It would involve a remarkable patient. But I wasn’t close to putting together just how significant this case was and what was truly at stake.” As a Christian, Dr. Seth had a feeling that Melissa was a special patient. He explains, “I did have some twinge of doctor’s intuition about Melissa Loomis. You need to take special care of this one, the voice whispered. But it wasn’t something I gave extra attention. The impulse was just that—a vague instinct not to let this patient out of my hands.”

As the monster bacteria ravaged Melissa’s body, she became septic.  On August 26, 2015, while Dr. Seth was in the operating room, he received an emergency call from Dr. Miller in the ICU saying, “If you don’t amputate Melissa’s arm within the next hour, she will die.” They rushed into the OR and removed her arm. Through all of this, Melissa remained calm and positive.

Dr. Seth felt led to help Melissa live a productive life. He decided to research what could be done in order to make that happen. In addition, he always felt called to help move medical science forward. The two came together when he learned of a procedure called targeted sensory reinnervation (TSR ) that helps patients feel the limb they lost again. This procedure had never been done before in the United States and only one other doctor in Canada had ever performed the surgery. On December 10, 2015 Dr. Seth was the first doctor in the United States to successfully perform TSR surgery. After 16 hours in the operating room, history was made and the future for amputees was advanced forever. Melissa Loomis was “rewired” and became known as the world’s most advanced amputee—a bionic woman of sorts. Now, she can not only move her prosthetic but also feel it just by thinking.

Dr. Seth has a private practice in North Canton, Ohio. In 2017, he launched the American Bionics Advancement Project to serve in research and development in association with his parent company, Bionic Miracle, LLC, in order to work closely with John Hopkins University on making advancements to improve the quality of amputees‘ lives. Dr. Seth, whose parents immigrated from New Delhi, India, is very involved in his community, regularly appearing on sports radio to provide medical analysis on professional athlete injuries as well as answering call-in questions; serving as the physician on call for the Canton Regional SWAT team while also training the thirty-six members. He also coaches and volunteers medical assistance in his children’s schools and athletics.

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Author: Rewired (Thomas Nelson, 2019)

Orthopedic surgeon with private practice

Fdr, Bionic Miracle, LLC; Graduate of Ohio State, medical College of Wisconsin, and Allegany General Hospital, etc.

Working on prosthetics w/John Hopkins

In relation with Walter Reed National Military Hospital

SWAT doctor for Canton Police Dept

Media: People, Daily Mail, The Doctor’s TV show, etc.

Married to physician, two kids


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