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DJ Dozier is an American success story who came from a family of entrepreneurs. His ancestor Paul Cuffee was a Quaker born in 1759 who became well-known entrepreneur, abolitionist, and patriot. Cuffee built a shipping empire that was used in the British effort to resettle slaves from America to Novia Scotia and Sierra Leone. He was honored 200 years after his death by the Governor and other politicians for his work. January 17th is now known as “Paul Cuffee Day” in Massachusetts.

Dozier’s uncle, John Reid (aka Uncle Jr.) created and implemented the Student Diversity Program for struggling and at-risk students while employed at Cal State Fullerton University (CSUF).  Eventually, it grew and spread into other universities and schools, bringing in millions of dollars for the university.

Dozier’s father's family owned a small company that held a patent for years which proved to be a building block for DVR-like process. Because they couldn’t afford the enormous amount of money required to develop and bring the product to market in the late 60’s, other creators further enhanced it.

Growing up, Dozier had to wear a corrective bar with corrective shoes. He was not expected to play sports, but his parents refused to accept defeat. “As a child, my father’s passion was my only reference point that I could not accept the limitations of my physical body as my limits… the first element of building a champion attitude was my parents.”  Dozier took those hardships as a chance to prove himself and see how far he could push himself. “You must endure a certain amount of pain and the sacrifice of many things to find out how far you can go,” he says. Later, he would find out just how far he could push his mind and body and what he was capable of.

As one of the few two-sport athletes in history, Dozier played for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Mets. As a motivational speaker and business strategist, he believes that God has not only given us dominion over the earth but that it is our birth right as God’s children to excel (Genesis 1:26-28). Dozier makes a distinction between taking dominion (or achieving success) by using either control or influence. He explains, “Control typically is power as it relates to position and the ability to enforce rules and decisions. It can be dictatorial and demeaning… Influence instead is power as it relates to persuasion--service, caring, authenticity, empathy, and developing soft skills, in the long run, are better than strength through position.” In order to become successful, Dozier shares that you need to: Learn from your failures; understand that your attitude affects your altitude; realize that you are a creative force; that strategy gives meaning to action; the importance of adding courage to your list of skills; always be learning new things; and that strategy without the willingness to work hard is nothing but notes on paper.

Dozier believes that the most important factor in achieving success is our alliance with God. “Without an alliance with God, domination is a temporary state. On the other hand, perpetual success is achieved by living a rich spiritual life that is aimed beyond temporal. So, I am convinced that without God, it is impossible to dominate in every area of life but that every set back can be overcome with Him,” explains Dozier. He hopes his book will remind others that they were born to dominate and accomplish greater things.

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Guest Info


Author: Decide To Dominate (2018 CMC Publishing/Self-published)

Currently VP at Cromtec Cyber Solutions

Public speaker


Business strategist

Assisting startup and small companies w/ brand development, growth management, and sales strategies

Former Senior Solution Executive for Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Former co-creator & Global Vertical Leader for cross-functional sports & entertainment practice for Verizon Business, a multi-billion-dollar co.

Running Back for five seasons, MN Vikings (1987-1990) & Detroit Lions (1991)

Outfielder w/NY Mets for one season (1992)

Scored winning touchdown Penn State’s 1987 Nat’l Championship Fiesta Bowl

On cover of Sports Illustrated (11/1/85)

Married with three children


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