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Walking the Paths of Life With God

With so many choices and temptations in life, it can be hard to know which path to follow, not knowing where it might lead. The pressure to get it right can be paralyzing. It doesn’t have to be. Lisa Robertson says that God has a plan for our lives and shows us how to find it, taking one step at a time. In the scriptures David said, “You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever” (Psalm 16:11, NASB). As a follower of God, David had the same concerns that we do today. God showed David which way to go and David trusted the Lord with his future. Lisa explains, “As we pay attention to God’s leading and communicate with Him often, we will be equipped to stay on the path. Our success happens one step at a time as we watch, depend on, and follow God. God, in His wisdom, often reveals only one step at a time; enough to encourage us, but not so much to burden us.”

  • Lisa addresses 11 of the most common paths we encounter in our walk with the Lord:
  • The First Step on the Path—Gaining a clear understanding of the path maker and guide (understanding the trinity).
  • The Surprising Path-Though unexpected, the promises of surprises encourage us to press forward and keep going.  
  • The Difficult Path-Through hardship we experience the power of Christ.
  • Prayers for the Path-The importance of asking, seeking, and knocking.
  • The Parenting Path-Getting started and learning to let go when it’s time as you raise children.
  • The Path of Change- Understanding our changing seasons and trusting God through them.
  • The Path of Joy—Having joy regardless of our surroundings.
  • The Narrow Path-Choosing to follow Christ changes our path.
  • Potholes in the Path-Understanding the difference between condemnation and judgement versus conviction and discernment.
  • The Path of God For You-We have each been given a unique path to follow that is ours alone.

She explains, “As readers dive into this book, they will be equipped with the knowledge that God has a path for each of their lives; a path full of adventure, challenges, joy, and potential.”

Several years ago, Lisa and her family found themselves in the middle of a church split that took them completely by surprise. During this time, Lisa really struggled with knowing if it was time to stay and weather the storm, or if it was time to leave and find a new church home. She explains, “My sweet husband reminded me that God had called us to join our church, and until God released us, we couldn’t leave… I agreed with him.” By staying and weathering this storm, they saw God’s hand at work in restoring the church. It was also a great example of obeying God’s leading to their children and following through with your commitments in life until the Lord releases you to move on. During this time, God also led Lisa to co-found Changing Seasons. This ministry began with a small group of friends looking to bring hope and encouragement to women in their community by hosting 2-3 fun and inspirational events in their city each year. Their core leadership consists of women from different stages of life who love helping women discover how real and relevant God can be in their everyday lives. Previous speakers include Lysa TerKeurst, Korie Robertson, etc.

When Lisa was around eight years old her family suffered the devastating loss of her two year old sister Laura. Only knowing that she died in the sandbox in their back yard, they had to wait for the autopsy report to try and make sense of what happened. The coroner’s report was shocking! Lisa explains, “My brother’s friend was told to go home, but he must have lingered. We never imagined he’d intended to kill her but when he was with her something happened, and he choked her to death.”  Laura’s senseless death by the hands of a first-grade boy left the family reeling with heartache so deep that they didn’t know how to recover. During those dark moments, Lisa’s mother cried out for God’s help. “The strange peace that filled mom was noticeable… The prayers of her friends gave Mom new hope and strength. Mom eventually encountered the life-changing power of Christ,” shares Lisa. It also affected Lisa and began her on the path of discovering who Jesus really is. Her relationship with God took root during her first year in college when she found herself alone in another state searching for comfort.

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Author, latest: The Path of Life: Walking in The Loving Presence of God

Also author of Advent: Making Christmas About Christ and The Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guide

Serves on Virginia State Board of E3 (Elevate Early Education)

Founding board member of Alpha North America

Co-founder Changing Seasons outreach ministry for women

Married to Tim Robertson, five children, 10 grandchildren


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