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Proof That God Still Heals

Linda was making a protein shake in the kitchen when her phone rang. After she was finished with the call she went back into the kitchen and tripped on her rug with her right foot.

Linda recalls, “And then my left foot must have brushed against the step and I fell forward.
I thought, oh my goodness, I broke a bone, because it was excruciating pain. I just sat on the floor screaming out to God, ‘Please help me! Please help me!’ 'because nobody was home.’”

After trying to reach her husband, Linda called her daughter who came and took her to the emergency room. X-rays revealed she had a torn muscle.

Linda says, “’Well,’ she says, ‘your leg is really bleeding.’ ‘You're gonna have a really big bruise.’ And she said, ‘It'll probably take about a month for it to heal.’”

Linda was prescribed pain medications and told to stay off her legs for a few days. Her husband Vern took care of her the best he could.

Vern shares, “It’s always hard to see a loved one that you've got that's hurt.”

Getting around using a cane, Linda learned how to manage her limited mobility.

Linda says, “Oh, my goodness, for me to be immobilized is like deep pain, worse than the pain in my leg because I'm really active.”

But she couldn’t stand for long, and had to stop doing her job as a hairstylist. Four days after her accident, Linda had just come home from a bible study when Vern met her at the door.

Linda shares, “He says, ‘Sit down! Sit down! You've got to sit down.’ He says, ‘Pat Robertson had a word of knowledge. I claimed it for you.’ So I said, ‘Okay.’ So I sat down in the chair and he put it on, Pat started to speak.”

Pat Robertson says, “On your right leg, your quadriceps muscle is I think it’s been torn in some fashion and it’s been very painful and you’ve been limping and maybe walking with a brace or something. Just put your hand on it right now. You will feel the power of God right now go through that muscle and you’re completely healed in Jesus’ name.”

Linda says, “So I looked at Vern and I said, ‘I know that is for me.’ And he's looking at me like, ‘Yeah, I knew that before you. I stood up and no pain, no limp. It was completely gone. I mean, it wasn't even a tinge, it was completely gone. And I haven't had any pain in that leg since.”

Vern remembers, “I seen her start walking around and everything, oh yeah, I could see the change right away.”

One week after her injury, Linda went back to work. She and Vern want others to know that God still heals. We just have to have the faith and receive it.

Vern says, “It happens in God's time. When God's ready to heal you, He'll heal you.”

Linda says, “There's no doubt in my heart that God is real and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if He healed back then, He'll heal today. Stand on God's Word. He is who He says He is.”

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