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Woman's Prayer Leads to a Miracle

“I began playing violin when I was 10 and it was probably not too much longer that I realized that I wanted to teach music and be involved with music all my life,” says Prentice.

For Prentice, music is more than a vocation: it’s a calling. “I teach music to children as little as two up through adults and I truly enjoy it. I like classical music, that's my main genre that I perform and teach as well.”

In May of 2019, she began having excruciating pain in her throat and jaw.  “The pain began in the spring of this year, 2019, when I had just finished my Spring concert,” she says.”  I developed an upper-respiratory infection, I figured it would quickly resolve itself. It didn't. It lasted for a while.”

She tried a number of things to boost her immune system. She also contacted the 700 club for prayer.

“Throughout this time, I was taking natural remedies and things of that nature just because I don't like antibiotics. And that was working to clear up the upper-respiratory infection but this swelling that came on, that was like a whole 'nother issue and then when I started having that pain and everything, I didn't exactly know what was going on or what to do about it, so I did seek out the advice of a naturopath and they recommended some natural elements and different things that I took. And I wasn't getting any relief though.”

The pain continued into the summer months.  “It was probably about almost five weeks. There was a lot of pain in my jaw and my lymph nodes and actually it became difficult to play the violin during this time and then even to speak, swallow and talk. It was really painful towards the end of the school year, because I teach music in the CPS, the Chicago Public School system. I was in considerable pain as I would go to teach and just put my violin up, it was just painful to get into position. Holding it was really difficult with my chin.”

Prentice finally called her doctor. but before she went to her appointment, she turned on The 700 Club.

“When Gordon said, “You're having trouble in your jaw.  You can’t close it completely. something quickened in me and I knew it was about me.”

“There’s someone: you’ve had clicking in your jaw and you’re just laying hands on it right now,” Gordon proclaimed.

“I said out loud, like "That's me!" Prentice remembers.
Gordon added, “All of that problem with chewing, all of that is leaving you.  The jaw is literally being remade, so everything will be normal and be perfect again in Jesus’ name.”

“My faith was at a high level at that point because I had called for prayer previously and I was believing that God was going to touch me,” Prentice says. “So when I heard him, I was just ready to receive that and I knew that it was for me. The pain subsided and then over the next two to three days the swelling went down and I was able to move my jaw. It was miraculous because I was at a point where I was having to take liquids through a straw and things like that because I couldn’t even get a spoon all the way in my mouth.”

Prentice has had no issues with her throat or jaw since.

“I have watched The 700 Club since I was a child, and we are always so encouraged when we hear the testimonies of others that have been touched and healed, but I was never expecting to hear one of those and be a testimony myself,” Prentice says. “Healing is for today. It is the right of every child of God. Jesus purchased our salvation over 2,000 years ago on the cross and before He went to the cross he took the stripes upon his back and those stripes were for our healing. So as a child of God you should definitely, definitely trust him for it because He can do it for you.”

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