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A-Game Back After Miraculous Healing

Valley Center, CA

Joe Eterno has a long history with The 700 Club. It started back in 1976 when he prayed for salvation with Pat Robertson. He recalls, “As I completed the prayer, it was like a lightning bolt went through my body, it was like as if I stuck my finger into an electric socket. I still didn't know what to do with my life. God just brought people into my life as I needed Him to keep me on the path.”

Joe grew in his faith over the years. Pat Robertson’s teachings and The 700 Club were a great source of encouragement to him. He says, “I tuned in daily to watch The 700 Club. I find it very inspirational. I enjoy the stories. I enjoy the Word of Knowledge that comes through the show.” But he never imagined he’d have a personal experience with a word of knowledge.

In January of 2019, Joe started experiencing severe pain in his right side. He recalls, “Mostly in the morning, when I would get out of bed and I would go to bend down to put my socks on or put my shoes on, or twist any kind of twisting, go to pick something up and I would feel that stabbing pain on my right side.” Joe went to his doctor who ordered a sonogram. It revealed a small benign cyst on his right kidney which was painful but was diagnosed as being harmless. Joe’s doctor simply prescribed pain meds. Joe says, “I don't abuse it. So, I was just doing it once a day, one 800-mg ibuprofen. But consistently, every day, every day, every day.” 

As a retiree Joe enjoys playing golf to relax but the pain was making it difficult to enjoy anything. He recalls, “It annoyed me a lot. Not so much with the swing, but getting the ball, picking the ball up out of the cup. Any kind of bending in the midsection area I would feel that pain.” He thought about praying for healing but felt the pain was just part of getting old. Joe thought, “God's got bigger issues to deal with. You know, why would I want to bring this little pain in my side up to, up to God. You know? It's just something, I dealt with it. You know I should just deal with it.”

Then one morning in June, Joe was watching The 700 Club. He was on his way in from getting his second cup of coffee when he heard Gordon say: “Someone else, with problems with your right kidney and extraordinary pain, infection, kidney stones. God is healing all of that right now in Jesus’ name. Receive it.”

Joe recalls, “I put my hand immediately on my side and pressed against my right side. And prayed along with Gordon.” To Joe’s surprise the pain disappeared immediately. He says, “I was in awe when this happened. Because you're used to watching The 700 Club and you see it happen to somebody else. But until it happens to you, it just strengthen my faith. It's like this really can be done. God's working in my life. He's there. He's listening. He hears me. He knows about me. There's just no doubt in my mind, you know, that God is awesome.”

Today he is back having fun on the links and loves sharing his miracle with others who need healing in their lives. Joe believes, “That's the unconditional love that God has for you. You're His child. He wants you to have a good life. He wants you to enjoy your time here. And I don't believe God wants you to suffer.”

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