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A Grandmother Worries About Water

CBN.com — Every time Mrs. Kim gives her grandchildren a drink of water, even when she boils it. She worries that they will get sick. Their only supply of drinking water comes from a very muddy pond.

"My grandchildren often suffer with pain because of the water. But we have to make do with it. I have nowhere else to get it," Grandma Kim told CBN.

Mrs. Kim takes care of her grandchildren since their parents work long hours at a garment factory far from home. Every day, twice a day, she walks more than a mile to collect the dirty water. One time, she fell and sprained her ankle.

"It was very painful," she recalled. "When I tried to stand up, it hurt so much that I cried! I called for help, but no one came."

Mrs. Kim slowly made her way home that day, leaving the water bucket behind. It was a week before she was able to go back and collect more water.

Not long after that, CBN dug a well right in Mrs. Kim's village, very near to her home! Now, she and her family have safe, clean water for drinking and bathing.

"I never expected that our village would have its own well! My family will not get sick anymore. And there will be no more accidents when I get water. I am very happy.

Thank you, CBN!" said Mrs. Kim

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