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Life always brings changes, like becoming an empty nester, being divorced, becoming widowed, finishing school and heading to the job market, or being laid off.  Some of these changes are expected, and some catch you off guard. Some people fear or resist change, however, change isn’t always negative.  Bishop Bronner says you can learn how to respond to change and in so doing, make the rest of your life even better. He explains in practical terms how to take responsibility for the path of your lives instead of panicking over change or stagnating from lack of change.

Bronner says when going through change the best thing people can do is deepen their relationship with God. Then they should deepen the relationship with  others. Bronner says the worst thing that can be done is to stay in isolation. People going through change can build a team of people who act as an emotional support group and give vision.

Another way to deal with change is to recognize the difference between good stress and bad stress. Good stress creates a sense of urgency and causes us to become creative. Often, frustration is a precursor to change. Whenever God is going to change something, He allows frustration to cause the current situation to become uncomfortable. 

People going through change should recognize the difference between transition and change. Transition is the emotional, relational, financial, and psychological processing of change. Change is typically external.  A move, loss of a job, loss of a loved one and bankruptcies constitute change.  When a change occurs, it’s the transition that “throws us.” We don’t handle it well. Bronner says whenever God is trying to do something big in you, He’s going to first make you terribly uncomfortable. He is more interested in our development than our happiness.

Using helpful principles, motivation, and personal stories, Bronner guides Christians toward being in charge of their own destiny. Bronner says that some adversity is inevitable along the way. Still, adversity isn’t failure. The only real failure occurs when you respond to change in a negative way. 


Bishop Bronner grew up in a Christian home.  His father, Nathaniel, who passed on in 1993 at the age of 80, taught him and his 5 brothers about being disciplined in every area of their lives.  As the owner of a multi-million dollar hair care business, Nathaniel’s priorities always remained the same:  God first, family second and business third. 

“My father used to tell us that he could always build his business anytime, but he only had one shot at raising his family,” says Bronner.  Calling himself the “Minister of Finance,” Nathaniel imposed his concepts of discipline through establishing vision in his children.  “We stayed out of trouble because we had vision,” says Bronner.  “I started delivering newspapers at the age of 5, and my father taught us that there was no discipline like the discipline of struggle,” he says.  While all their friends were playing and even during the summer, the 6 Bronner boys were working.  Currently, all of Bronner brothers work in some capacity at their family business, which has been in operation for more than 50 years. 

Today, the company employs over 300 people and manufactures 75 different hair care products.  They also host one of the largest hair care shows in the nation, attracting over 75,000 barbers and beauticians annually.  The Bronners use this opportunity to minister to thousands of the convention attendees.  At first, they bussed everyone to different churches until they started holding a non-denominational service where 5,000 attend and have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

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Pastor/Founder, Word of Faith Family Worship Center

Author, "Change Your Trajectory," Whitaker, 2015


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