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Miracle Prayer Leads One Woman on Healing Journey

Gabby recalls, “This was pain that was not letting up. I would say the pain was probably at the worst, I would say a 10.”
Gabby Heusser was a busy mother of a toddler and a newborn when she began experiencing leg pain.
Gabby says, “It was just a nonstop throbbing, burning, inflammation on like around my shin area and lower legs. I wanted to be out of pain. I wanted to be able to take care of my second daughter like I had my first.”
For months she tried to manage the pain on her own, until one day, she cried out to God.
Gabby remembers, “And I threw myself across the bed and I said, ‘God, I am desperate for You to heal me.’ I said, ‘I need Your healing.’ I said, ‘my legs are hurting so bad and I cannot take care of these girls with this kind of pain.’”
One day, while her girls slept, Gabby says she felt compelled to turn on the 700 Club.
Terry Meeuwsen says, “There’s somebody who has a strange problem with your feet. The flange of your feet - the bones are separating and coming apart for some reason. But God is going to heal the condition for you.”
Gabby says, “I just remember going, that’s me. That word is for me. So because of the word of knowledge, God not only promised to heal me, but He actually diagnosed my problem.”
Two days later, a physical therapist confirmed that diagnosis…Gabby had fallen arches. She later consulted with a podiatrist, who prescribed orthotic inserts for her shoes, and told her she would have to use them for the rest of her life. But from the start, the inserts provided only partial relief.
Gabby shares,  “But I was still in a lot of pain. And I remember going back to my podiatrist and saying why isn’t this working. Like I thought it would take away all of my pain. That’s what I was looking forward to.”
Still the inserts made the pain manageable. But after two years they no longer fit and Gabby had to stop using them. Her doctor ordered a new set, but it would take six weeks for them to arrive.
Gabby says, “And honestly I was panicked. I was thinking I can’t go without these for 6 minutes, much less 6 weeks.”
But the pain didn’t return.
Gabby recalls, “One day went by and two days, three days, and I noticed that my feet were feeling better without arch supports. I was keeping God’s word in my heart and wondering, is this your time to heal me, God?”
Six weeks later, Gabby went back to her doctor.
Gabby says, “By the time the orthotics came back I could no longer wear them. They didn’t even fit me.”
Even without the inserts, Gabby continued to improve. Then finally, Gabby was completely pain free.
Gabby says, “That has been, I would say, a good 6 years ago. And I have not ever wore a custom orthotic ever since and I have not needed one. God is faithful. He still heals today. He wants to be a Father to us. God hears. He really hears our prayers. And if we are desperate and if we want everything He has for us He will provide that.”

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