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Superbook Church Edition: What are the Bible Background videos?

Bible Background videos bring the Bible to life for students. Each video show historical and archaeological examples that shows that the Bible is real and can be trusted. Please visit our website for more details. © 2014 The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. All rights reserved.

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A mother walks away from a car crash, but the painkillers leave her a walking shell of her former self. After multiple trips to jail and rehab prove...

A child is born lifeless and given little hope of survival. See a family receive the greatest gift just in time for Christmas on today’s 700 Club.

The injury stunned the football world. Pro-Bowl linebacker Ryan Shazier was paralyzed on the field. Now see how this former Pittsburgh Steeler became...

A mom gives birth and right after coming home from the hospital, she’s completely paralyzed. Family gathers to say their goodbyes, but a dramatic...