Prayers That Changed America's History

CBN.com -In 1755, 23-year-old George Washington was a British Colonel fighting against the French, and their Native American allies, for control over colonial territory.  On July 9th, the British marched towards present day Pittsburgh and were attacked in a ravine.  900 troops were killed, but Washington’s prayers to Jesus Christ for protection didn’t go unheard.

“Washington is riding back and forth delivering orders.  Every other officer on horseback is shot!” exclaimed William J. Federer.  “And Washington, later, is writing from Fort Cumberland to his brother, John Augustine Washington, and he says, ‘By the all powerful hand of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human expectation, for I had two horses shot out from under me, four bullet holes through my coat, yet escaped unhurt.’”

Scott Ross asked, “And it also occurred in the Revolutionary War as well, didn’t it?  Wasn’t the hand of God on him then?”

Federer said, “Every year, during the Revolution, the Continental Congress declared ‘Days of Fasting and Prayer,’ and so Washington would order his troops to observe the ‘Days of Fasting and Prayer.’”

But their prayers and faith in God’s protection were tested during the largest battle of the revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn Heights.

Federer explained, “Washington had all of his men dug in facing the water, thinking the British are going to attack from the sea.  Well, August 1776, Washington is attacked from behind!  3,000 of his men get killed, only about 300 of the British.  And the day passes, and Washington has his 8,000 men pinned up against the water.  The sun goes down, and what does he do?  He can’t retreat!  So he gets every boat he can find and they ferry all night long across the East River to Manhattan Island.  The next morning, the sun begins to come up, half his men are still on duty, half his men are strung out.  And his Chief of Intelligence, Major Ben Tallmadge, says, ‘At this point, a very providential occurrence, a fog came off the river and settled over both encampments.’  He said, ‘You could scarcely discern a man at six yards distance.’  He said, ‘The fog remained until noon.’  So here Washington was on the last boat that left.  When the fog lifted, the British charged up the hill.  Nobody’s there!  This was the last chance the British had to capture the entire American army at one fell swoop.”

Ross questioned, “So that’s a supernatural intervention of All Mighty God, right?”

Federer said, “It is, and if Washington would have lost the Revolutionary War, he would have been hung, all the founding fathers would have been hung, they would have been traders, and we would be part of the British Empire.  And the movement across the world for what’s called ‘Popular Self-Government,’ people ruling themselves, would have never taken place.”

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