They Got Home and Found Nothing

When monsoon rains caused the Himalayan rivers of northern India to flood, Ulfat and her family lost everything.

With tears of desperation, Ulfat explained, "We thought we were going to die in the flood, so we ran for our lives.  Later we found out that our house had fallen down.  We had left without taking any of our belongings."

The family had faced heartache before.  Ten years earlier, their father died from a brain hemorrhage.  Ulfat became the caretaker of her mother and two younger sisters.  She was only twelve years old.  Finding work before and after the flood was very difficult in this male-dominated Muslim area.  No one wanted to help a family of women.

"We are all alone.  We have no one to help us," sobbed Ulfat.

That's when CBN came to their village with relief supplies.  Ulfat and her family received food, along with blankets, shoes, and other items they needed to keep warm during the winter.  They also were given a business they could run as a family.

Ulfat joyfully said, "You gave us a new shop.  Now we have hope that we can do anything, because you gave us a way to improve our lives."

They found a place to stay and they are saving money to buy a new home.

"We are very happy because of everything you have given us," said Ulfat.  "You have wiped away all of our tears and replaced them with smiles."

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