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Todd Durkin: The Impact! Body Plan


Getting Crushed

Todd Durkin was playing American football in France in 1995.  During a game, two linebackers crushed Todd's lower back at full speed.  He laid on the field unable to move.  Tests revealed that Todd not only sustained injuries from the game including three herniated disks, but he also had spinal stenoisis and advanced degenerative back disease.  He had the back of a 75 year old man!  

Doctors suggested surgery but Todd refused. Three months after his injury, he flew home to New Jersey.  Later he moved to Los Angeles to take advantage of the health industry and began commuting to San Diego for graduate courses at San Diego State.  For nine months, he had been taking Vicodin.  Without it, he was crippled.  

At a friend’s recommendation, he started intense massage therapy, and after several weeks, he was pain-free.  That was the beginning of his realization that there are many other avenues to healing other than hospitals and medical doctors (although Todd says we are blessed to have surgeons when we need them).

Todd’s 10-week IMPACT program is based on getting physically and mentally stronger.  “It’s important to start a gratitude journal,” says Todd.  Writing creates clarity, and it’s important to get your mind right.  Write down your goals for the next 6 to 12 months and write them as if they have already happened.  “This is about getting your life to extraordinary measures.  My motto is 'Ready, Fire, Aim!'” says Todd.  “Somewhere along the way, we get sidetracked by limiting beliefs that rob us of our potential.  Make a decision today that will better your life.”

The Impact! Body Plan

Todd’s IMPACT program is the same workout that he puts his professional athletes through.  He uses simple, effective and inexpensive equipment as part of his program. 

  • Foam roller: reduces pain and injury in only 10 minutes. 
  • Medicine ball: a weighted ball that can be used hundreds of ways.
  • Superbands: big rubberbands for resistance training. 
  • Sports cords: offer less resistance than bands and are crucial for increasing joint integrity. 
  • BOSU: a half-dome stability ball. 
  • Kettlebells: cannonballs with a handle (more versatile than dumbbells).
  • TRX: suspended training tool that uses your own body weight as resistance.

After 15 years of experience, scientific research and daily discoveries, Todd came up with The Muscle Matrix.  It’s a simplified system that utilizes advanced training principles to deliver maximum results.  It combines training in different planes of motion (up and down, forward and back, side-to-side, diagonally and with rotation).  There are seven different phases to go through during the l0 weeks of his program:

  • The Dynamic Warm-up (a great workout starts with a great warmup)
  • Joint Integrity (the foundation of your body is joints and ligaments)
  • Core Conditioning (this is considered your power zone)
  • Strength and Conditioning (Resistance training improves your body from head to toe)
  • Power and Plyometrics (helps develop fast-twitch muscles, increases metabolism, changes body composition)
  • Movement Training (jogging, swimming, running, etc.)
  • Flexibility (stretching removes adhesions that build up on muscle fibers; improves circulation, protects body from injury)

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