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Using Superbook to teach God's love—and English!

When Don and Rachelle Metrejon adopted Esther and Jeremy from China, they started telling them about God’s love for them---and teaching them stories from the Bible. One way they’ve been doing that, is through CBN’s Superbook!

Rachelle points out, “It’s just a way of bringing kids in because it’s animated. Because it uses the kids coming in, the real live kids and then they go back into the story; all of that is really engaging and it gets right to the heart of the story. I like it.”

Daughter Esther says it’s her favorite show. “I learned from Superbook that you should always love each other, even your enemies,” as she watches a Superbook story. “Because if they don’t have any friends, maybe they need a friend and they don’t know how to be nice, so you should love them so that maybe they can be nice too.”

Big sister Esther says that even her newly adopted brother Jeremy is learning to speak English from Superbook.  “He was really focused on it. Not about anything else around him. So I think he really liked it,” said Esther.

As a Sunday school teacher, Rachelle says Superbook is a great tool for teaching kids important lessons from the Bible. “It’s such a simple, short vignette and yet it shows Jesus or Joshua or Moses or whatever the story is about, and then I can teach around that, and then we can talk about what happened.”

But, Rachelle says she most loves how Superbook teaches the truth about Jesus Christ. “It makes Jesus real, you know. He wasn’t this character out of a book somewhere 2,000 years ago. He’s real now and he wants to touch our lives. Just like he did way back then.  So it’s real important.”

Esther adds, “I think CBN partners did a great job in helping to keep on going with the films and other things like Superbook.”

CBN partners are making a difference in the lives of hurting people throughout the world. If you are not a partner, please join today. Your gifts make it possible to provide a tangible future to those in desperate need, bring medical services to the sick, help feed and clothe children here at home and overseas, and broadcast a message of hope around the world. Become a CBN partner today!

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