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What Would You Give on the Black Market to Save Your Daughter?

Jinxi always dreamed of riding the reindeer merry-go-round at a park near her home.  But her mother Wang worried it wouldn’t be good for her heart.  Jinxi had been in and out of the hospital with heart trouble since she was born.

“Her lips and cheeks were always purple, and her fingernails were black,” Wang remembers.  “She couldn’t walk much, and she was always tired.”

Jinxi needed surgery, but after Wang’s husband abandoned the family, she didn’t know how she’d ever afford that.  She recalls, “But I told myself – I will do whatever it takes to save my daughter!” 

So Wang left Jinxi with her mother while she worked at a factory 12 hours a day, seven days a week.  Making four hundred dollars a month, it would take at least three years to save up for surgery.  And Wang was afraid her daughter wouldn’t live that long.  She shares, “I said, ‘Oh please baby, wait for me.’” 

But as Jinxi got older, her heart condition got worse.  Then, Wang had an idea.  “I never told anyone,” she confesses, “but I saw an ad that said you could get a lot of money by selling a kidney.  So, I was thinking of selling my kidney on the black market. It was the only way I could get enough money in time to save Jinxi’s life.” 

Right before Wang could finalize the sale, a doctor told CBN about Jinxi.  We quickly helped set-up and pay for surgery.  “The news was like a beam of sunshine,” Wang shares with joy.  “My daughter would live and not die.”

Even though Jinxi’s heart surgery was complicated, it turned out to be a complete success.   

“Now, she is very healthy.  She can play and walk, and run.  And she can ride the reindeer just like she always dreamed of,” declares Wang.  She concludes, “The people at CBN are angels to Jinxi. Words can’t express the gratefulness I have in my heart.  You gave my daughter a second chance on life.”  

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