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When Abuse Leads to More Abuse

11-year-old Zumrat of Kyrgyzstan loves good food, pretty clothes and hanging out with her friends. But in her early childhood, all she wanted was for the violence to end...

Zumrat cries as she shares her story, “My father used to abuse my mother all the time.”

The beatings stopped when Zumrat's parents divorced. But then Zumrat’s mother drank all day while her daughter went hungry.

When a social worker found out  about Zumrat’s situation, she made arrangements to take her to a children’s home.

Zumrat walked into a new life there. “I had never seen so many children before. I couldn’t believe that they would be my friends.”

Zumrat made another Friend in her new home. She watched CBN’s Superbook program and  learned that Jesus Christ  would be her friend  forever. Zumrat soon  prayed to receive Jesus  into her heart.

“My life became more interesting and better when I began attending the church. And I’m glad that I came to God.”

Zumrah is still thriving in this special home supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. She always has good food to eat, and caretakers and friends who love her. Best of all, she has hope for a bright future.

She has a flair for fashion and wants to become a designer.

“I want to say ‘Thank you very much’ for accepting me here and for the fact that the children’s home exists. The children are able to live here thanks to you. That’s why I say a big thank you to all.”

Children should have a safe and loving place to grow up. But Zumrat's situation was challenging. Thank you, CBN Partners, you made it possible for her to have a new life. Every day, we are reaching out around the world and making a difference in people's lives. Won't you reach out too? Join the 700 Club and be a part of a ministry that is transforming lives through eye surgeries, food and clothing programs, humanitarian aid, and so much more—all done in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

For more on how CBN is helping orphans around the world, visit Orphan's Promise's website.

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