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Louise and SQuire have been praying since they married in 2000.  When they met and married, they invited God into their conversations.  SQuire reminds us that prayer is so important that it is mentioned in the Bible 512 times!  “The Bible tells us God spoke things into being,” says Louise.  “But we’re told that we also have the power in us to speak things into being.”  As believers, we are told if we speak to the mountains in our lives, they will move and if we believe in our hearts and profess with our mouths, it will be done.  Louise reminds us that when we reach for the hand of another, a spouse, a family member or friend, it doubles the power of the prayers we speak and astonishing outcomes will flow.  “I have seen the power of prayer work in the lives of my family over and over again,” says SQuire.  “I can recount many times when God answered my prayers affirmatively against the few times I perceived Him not answering. Prayer works.  That’s all that matters.”

For the last several years, SQuire and Louise have been working with prominent churches and Baylor University’s Institute for the Study of Religion.  Together they have conducted the first empirical study ever done on the effects of prayer among two or more people over an extended period of time.  Partners are encouraged to commit to praying for 5 minutes each day for 40 days by logging onto www.40DayPray.com for tools and testimonies.  SQuire and Louise recommend keeping a prayer list to measure the effectiveness of our prayers at the end of the 40 days.  “Our greatest joy is getting invited to small groups where they just finished the prayer challenge.  It’s incredibly touching that marriages that were hopeless are now back together,” says Louise.  “We want to see the results,” says SQuire.  “We know as Christians we don’t need proof, but the world wants proof.”  If partners can’t pray in person, Louise says social media is a great way to pray together.  Their book includes an 8 week study guide on unlocking the power of prayer. 

At the end of the 40 days, the partners complete the survey where the data is compiled and analyzed.  “No one will see the data except Baylor social scientists and the praying partner themselves,” says SQuire. 


SQuire says there have been remarkable results from praying 5 minutes each day for 40 days.  For example, their friends Ross and Leah were having trouble in their marriage.  Initially, Ross and Leah did not have a God-centered marriage.  After going to counseling, they felt their marriage was doomed.  When Ross and Leah embarked on their 40 Day Prayer Challenge, they started saying their prayers through gritted teeth.  By the second week, their jaws relaxed and soon they began smiling at each other.  When they got to the 40th day, their marriage was better!  Praying shifted their focus to Jesus and things began to improve.  When they tried to have a baby and were unsuccessful, they were presented with a newborn baby girl, Lolo, to adopt.  Today Lolo is 9 and Ross and Leah are still madly in love.

Preview data from a preliminary study of couples who prayed together showed that conversation and respect are likely to elevate 30% while romance rises 21%.  Arguments generally plummet and the fear of divorce vanishes.  Two family members who pray together report dramatic increases in trust and companionship; two friends form bonds that last a lifetime.

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Former ABC television executive, 20 years

Father of Schoolhouse Rock and the ABC Afterschool Specials

Led Good Morning America to #1 spot

Author of When God Winks series

Appears monthly on NBCTODAY.


Made her debut on children’s show, Kroft Supershow

Was regular on Hollywood Squares

Known for her impressions of George Burns, Edith Bunker, Barbara Walters, etc.

Toured with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

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