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Author and founder of Treasures Harmony Dust offers hope to strippers, porn stars and other women seeking redemption.

Author and founder of Treasures ministry, Harmony Dust shares how she's getting people out of the sex industry. Also, a man seeks revenge on his...

Jodee Blanco gives practical advice to schools and communities on how to prevent bullying.

I have lost 12 pounds already but can't seem to lose more. How do I rev up my metabolism and lose pounds? Pat Robertson answers this question and...

This honored police officer was a menace on the streets. See how he went from the most trusted list to the most wanted.

At age 92, this Holocaust survivor can still recount the frightening years that stole her freedom, her dignity, and her career as an opera singer.

At CBN's seven-days-ablaze chapel service, Pat talks about overcoming fear during these economically unstable times.

Donald only had his social security check as income. He was struggling until he decided to give his last dime to CBN.

For your ministry to Nashville's Tent City, Emmaus Church, you are America's Church of the Week.

Forty-seven years ago, Pat Robertson began broadcasting from a UHF station in Portsmouth, Virginia, answering God's call to get the Gospel on the...

Why is it bad to have medicine and grapefruit together?

On today's show an auto accident brought a young lady to the brink of death, but God had other plans. We also have a report on Iran's nuclear desires...

See stories of financial restoration and disaster relief, thanks to our CBN Partners.

Terry receives the “Excellence in Communications” award at the Women in Christian Media national conference.

Dr. Sears explains how the toxic fat cycle has caused our obesity epidemic and how you can reverse the condition for optimal health.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall says fasting, which is a period of abstinence from all food or specific items, is actually beneficial to the body.