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Many know the story of Anne Frank, but the discovery of another teenage Holocaust victim's diary is causing a sensation.

The former co-host of The 700 Club talks about his book "Black Yellowdogs," which challenges Americans to vote according to principle.

Simplify your own life while helping others around the world.

Operation Blessing's Living Waters team drilled a well in Shanta's village so that her community would not have to drink water contaminated from...

Azar worked hard to be a good Muslim. But after years of ceremonial prayers five times a day, she grew tired of the routine.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey talks with CBN News about college debt. Also, a family seeks a miracle to save their ailing baby.

This African businessman use to rip pages out of the Bible – until a church half a world away changed his mind about faith and tithing.

Jim Karas and Kristi Watts demonstrate key exercises that will improve heart health, help you lose weight, and tone muscles without making you bulky.

Is it possible to change your child's behavior in five days? Dr. Kevin Leman says you can.

Georgian and his wife, Winnie, have served as missionary evangelists for over 25 years. All of their crusades include Jesus Celebrations and Love...

Does the amount of UV protection in sunglasses matter?

Pat answers: What are Ponzi Schemes? What do I do with my husband who keeps giving money to his brother who won't pay it back? Is the number of...

The author shows how he lost 100 pounds and kept it off by not consuming hidden sugar.

The 700 Club’s Chuck Holton goes south to visit a Georgia farm called Noah’s Ark. It’s a special ranch where abused children and abused animals heal...

Should we pray to angels in the name of Jesus? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Reporter Gailon Totheroh explains what may be the greatest leap in medicine since the scalpel.