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The Bethel Church worship leader talks about impacting the youth for Jesus Christ.

Should you correct someone else's children? What is the difference between guilt and conviction? Why would God release Satan on earth?

Becoming a dad helped Derick kick his drug habit. But when he discovered he wasn't the father of his girlfriend's baby, he spiraled out of control.

A woman is gripped by fear after she is raped. A word of knowledge heals a woman in pain. Also, CBN News reports on Turkey after the Christian...

Juan Williams discusses the tea party. A doctor becomes the patient. And a hip-hop mogul for Bad Boy Records sees the light.

Should we do feng shui? Should I be worried that my busy husband doesn't want to start a family? How did people live so long in the Bible?

A lesbian punk rocker dabbles in witchcraft and finds that none of it repairs the broken places inside her heart.

Should I contact the school about a bully situation? How should I approach my new Buddhists neighbors? How does a Jewish person become Messianic?

A woman, lost in the punk rock scene, escapes lesbian and witchcraft. Also, CBN News reports on the rise of abortion in Israel.

If you don't owe any taxes and file late, is there a penalty? Should I stop tithing to pay my debts? Is making and selling crafts a good way to make...

The reigning pageant winner speaks out on AIDS, childhood obesity and her faith.

The Men's Health editor talks about resistance training and demonstrates moves that will get you toned and strong.

Facing a financial crisis, the Shanklands never lost hope for a bright future. Discover how their secret can work for you.

Can junk food be as addictive as drugs? Are saunas healthy? Is it safe to take a double dose of medication?

The editor for Men's Health shares exercises to get you fit. A man kicks his nicotine habit with a word of knowledge. Also, CBN News reports on the...

Tony lived through a horrific explosion at work, but could he survive his wounds? See how his wife’s faith grew through this adversity.