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Anthony dealt with tragedies in his young life with the gangsta lifestyle. He's now known as Litarodi, a popular Christian Hip-Hop Artist.

Pat Robertson answers your questions about fat burning, a vegetarian diet for heart patients, sugar intake, and more.

Gordon Robertson goes to the Bible to teach about faith without doubt when it comes to physical healing.

Luann lost respect for the church at age 13 after her youth pastor molested her. Today she's a well known Christian speaker.

I think I am seeing demons. What do I do? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Heidi tells of the Mozambique ministry and introduces her book "Compelled By Love."

Should I pay off my mortgage first if I have the cash, or should I invest the money?

Benny Hinn discusses Sen. Grassley's investigation into his ministry and updates us on his upcoming outreach in Taiwan.

Watch as Steve McGranahan bends nails, twists horseshoes, and rips phone books, all the while presenting the Gospel.

My mother recently had a sex change operation. Now she wants my kids to call her "grandpa'. What do I do?

Chris Sligh came from humble beginnings. Now he uses his talents to serve the Lord.

After her husband lost their life savings and business, Norma Rosario considered ending her life. And then she came across The 700 Club and that...

Chris Sligh talks about being an 'American Idol' finalist in season six, talks about his faith, and sings live on The 700 Club.

Should it be the wife's job or the husband's job to manage the money, or should it be the most skilled person's job? Pat Robertson answers this...

An interview with U.S. Olympic Softball player/pitcher Monica Abbott.

Widow Delores of the Philippines suffered a stroke and was bedridden for a year. When Operation Blessing came into town, they offered her a free...