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Featured Story: A soldier is valiant in battle but a failure at home.

Feature Story: See outtakes from Joseph and Demetria’s trip to Tulsa.

Feature Story: Raped twice, Carla had no reason to trust God.

Feature Story: All the guns in the world couldn’t stop the prayers of this gangster’s grandmother.

Feature Story: See a boy’s miraculous recovery from a fatal fall.

Feature: Abused, alone and pregnant, Faith Harriman didn't know that she could give her broken heart to God.

Special Co-Hosts: Joseph and Demetria Stallings

Watch this special Christmas edition of 700 Club Interactive.

Jospeh hits the streets to ask people if they prefer Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Feature Story: A boy is healed after horrific abuse.

Feature: It would take a near-fatal accident for Rod Thomas to see the joy in Christmas.

Special Feature: David Garibaldi paints the portrait of Christ

Join us for interactive ministry.

Gordon travels to Cyprus to discover what happened to Lazarus after Jesus raised him from the dead.

Christy Wimber teaches on the heartbreak of suicide.


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