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Author of the Boundaries series, Dr. Henry Cloud discusses the importance of integrity. A man recalls his childhood being a drug mule for his uncle....

Actor, producer and writer Stan Foster talks about faith and film. One man begins a fight for the life of his wife. Also, CBN News reports on organ...

Pat answers: Should I take back my cheating husband? What does it mean when I have a bad feeling? How do I be less shy?

Gary Morris had a number one with Wind Beneath My Wings. So how did he make it to New York's biggest stage?

A young man has a life-changing experience when he gets into a fatal car accident. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman who had been raped as a...

Imagine being a little girl, attacked for being a Christian. Meet this family and the hundreds of others you are helping.

Operation Blessing dug a well for Kailash and his wife, Laxmi, who has a spine injury.

Sheree is a single mom, whose home was hit by a flood. When she had nowhere to turn, you brought just what she needed.

What can be done about a co-worker taking credit for others' work? Are "checks in our Spirit" a real concern? How important is Israel to Christians...

Orphans are finding a home around the world because you were there. See heart-warming stories of how your generousity is changing lives.

Susie never had a doubt that she'd go from terminal to totally healed. She gave up on driving the wheel of her life and watched God move.

After a hospital stay after her baby was born premature, Kim was encouraged to start a ministry.

He was a failure as a husband and a father. However, the birth of his son gave this musician a new life.

What is an "Elevator Pitch"?

Kimberley Kennedy shares her story as a top ranked TV news anchor who was humiliated when her fiance backed out of their wedding.

Crack addict Thaddeus Bruce overcame his addiction with the help of a praying 4-year-old. Plus, Adam Cunningham was a selfish husband and dad until...