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Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on being unmotivated to lose weight and breaking an addiction to soda.

Molested at the age of 14 at school and raped later in life, after an encounter with Christ, Carla Matmati now serves as a worship leader for...

The author of “Shopper’s Guide to Healthy Living” shows you how to make cleansers that aren't toxic for your family.

Raped twice, Carla had no reason to trust God. However, she continued to pray for His peace.

She was a hairdresser who couldn't even use her own hands. However, her daily pain was about to be ancient history.

On today's 700 Club we have a report on saving money by going "Green" around your house and also a report about after suffering emotional wounds as a...

Gordon answers questions about: Retirement, Career change and credit advice.

Many people leave christianity because they are wounded by the Church. Author Stephen Mansfield knows the feeling and found the solution.

Musical Guest: Matt Gilman

This 84-year-old plays a mean harmonica. But long ago, he could barely hear the music he played.

He lived in the shadow of his abusive father and found that the party world wasn't enough to heal his wounds.

Families tell their stories of struggles and triumphs with infertility.

Go behind the scenes of The 700 Club and In the Green Room with former WWE wrestler Ron 'H20' Waterman.

Ron Waterman struggled with his self image as a boy, but found a way to overcome his insecurities and the story of how Jeff and Rachel saved their...

The South Carolina senator says America is in “a fight to preserve its freedoms.” He’s looking for those who'll join in what he calls "the freedom...

Ron Waterman went from an insecure little boy to a chiseled professional wrestler. This Christian body builder shares his testimony of faith.