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Chris Tomlin performs songs from his Christmas album. CBN News reports on the history of St. Nicholas. Also, Gordon cooks up Christmas breakfast.

He has bronze and silver medals from the Vancouver and Torino Olympic games, but family means the most to this speed skater.

Watch worship leader Chris Tomlin perform songs from his new Christmas album, 'Glory in the Highest'.

Author Eric Metaxas tackles your toughest questions on Christ.

Author Eric Metaxas discusses your toughest questions about Jesus. An Olympian shares his testimony. Also, CBN News reports on the "Son of Hamas".

For a taste of holidays past, The 700 Club visited colonial Williamsburg to get a firsthand look at 18th century Christmas.

Austin Carty was on Survivor: Panama hoping to win a million dollars. He didn't win the money, but he did win the hearts of viewers.

Take a tour of this Bible-based Orlando theme park.

CBN News talks to Jenny Sanford, wife of the South Carolina governor whose affair made headlines. Also, see an interview with Austin Carty from...

Pat and Kristi share health tips on Skinny Wednesday along with Kathy Loidolt who can teach you how to make cleansers at home.

How do you feel about magnetic therapy for Christians? What do "liver spots" indicate? How do I maintain a healthy digestion tract?

She was addicted to drugs and strung out on despair. An encounter with God changed her life.

Families tell their stories of struggles and triumphs with infertility.

Go behind the scenes of The 700 Club and In the Green Room with former WWE wrestler Ron 'H20' Waterman.

Ron Waterman struggled with his self image as a boy, but found a way to overcome his insecurities and the story of how Jeff and Rachel saved their...

The South Carolina senator says America is in “a fight to preserve its freedoms.” He’s looking for those who'll join in what he calls "the freedom...