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David Garibaldi paints a portrait of Christ. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman battling alcoholism.

Pregnancy weight is tough to get rid of long after the baby is born. However, Arlene knows how busy moms can shed the pounds.

You are sending doctors to remote areas of the world to heal people in Jesus’ name. See their amazing stories.

Martha Hawkins overcame despair and darkness to find strength and success, eventually opening her now-famous restaurant.

Martha Hawkins of Martha's Place talks about her rise from impoverished to resturanter. Also, a man is angry at God after the loss of his son.

With congressional discussion of nationalized health care geared up, what is the public to think about such proposals? One way to investigate the...

Today on the 700 Club - Laurie Cardoza-Moore of the new film The Forgotten People talks about anti-semitism. Also, a snowboarder gets stranded, and a...

A star athlete and student battles depression. Also, Georgian Banov joins Gordon and Terry to pray for your needs.

CBN News reports on a new technique to help people suffering from atrial fibrillation. We interview rock'n'roll icon Pat Boone about his legacy and...

She's a Hollywood stuntwoman who led a dangerous life before Christ rescued her.

The author and chef join forces to share how to control diabetes with food and losing weight.

He joined the nation of Islam, searching for his identity. However, Calherbe knew something was missing.

What advice would you give a young Pat Robertson? Who was the most memorable guest? What are the rest of the Robertsons doing?

He was a drug mule for his uncle at age eight. A history of addictions and prison seemed inevitable for Danny.

What can I do to prevent my marriage from growing apart? How can I pray for healing of HIV?

His heart stopped in the emergency room. What should have claimed his life ultimately led him and his family to know Christ.