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Don't have a lot of time to get fit? Exercise expert Sean Foy gives you a workout that works in 10 minutes.

On today's show we meet Nick Vujicic a quadraplegic from birth sharing the gospel with the world. Also Gordon and Terry prepare Chicken with Lemon...

Singer and Thailand 700 Club co-host Debbie K talks about the new adventures in her life. Also, a woman survives being kidnapped and tortured for...

Friday is National Bike to Work Day. Every year, more commuters turn out on bikes for the event than the year before.

Cinncinnati Bengal Ben Utecht talks about his rise to Super Bowl fame. Also, a boy born without eyes defies the odds.

The host of Food Network's Good Deal with Dave Lieberman talks about food that tastes great and is good for you.

Gordon and Terry answer the question: How do we break free of a gambling addiction?

Lisa was a self-confessed shopaholic. When her husband took a pay-cut at work, she knew she had to change her spending ways.

Is at-home tooth whitening safe? Does menopause cause weight gain? Are airports body scans safe? Is there anything Biblical against gastric bypass...

Reporter Chuck Holton went to Texas and found an organization that is equipping young men with the gospel and more.

The co-author of The Ten Things You Need to Eat talks about food that tastes good and is good for you. Also, see the powerful testimony of a man...

He is a Super Bowl champion, singer, husband and father. But one title he holds above them all.

Amy Jewett Sampson talks about raising young children. A man is incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. CBN News reports on Arizona immigration...

The former spokeswoman for Colorado's 40th governor talks about adoption and raising three young children.

He was incarcerated. With his family falling apart on the outside, Kevin was looking for a change on the inside.

Does God ever expect us to live alone without a spouse? My dad is cheating; should I tell Mom?