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Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke talks about his work in Africa. Also, CBN News reports on terrorists in London.

Miss America 2010 comes to The 700 Club. Also, a man looks for acceptance in all the wrong places.

Todd White hits a wedding chapel in Vegas and finds a man and woman in need of prayer. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a Jamaican woman via webcam.

Today we hear from Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) as he discusses freedom. Also Pat and Gordon talk about developments in WorldReach, and Miss America...

Pat answers: How can I control my anger? How can I know where to be a missionary?

On skinny Wednesday we hear about a man who lost over 150 pounds in a little over a year with diet and exercise, along with other uplifting stories.

Pat interviews the senator about the dangers of socialism.

Pablo’s wife left him and he wanted to kill himself. He saw The 700 Club and received the Lord in his heart.

He was a seller who wanted a clean life. He prayed and God answered, but he would have to lose it all first...

Why are some saved from disaster and others not? Can our loved ones watch over us from heaven? Should our prayers be solely for worship or is it okay...

CeCe Winans will discuss her work with young people and the issues they are facing today, then she will sing from her latest album.

Gordon Robertson uses Psalm 91 and John 14 from the New King James Version of the Bible to teach on the supernatural.

Actor, producer and writer Stan Foster talks about faith and film. One man begins a fight for the life of his wife. Also, CBN News reports on organ...

Gordon reports from the Holy Land about Jews suffering in poverty and what CBN partners are doing about it.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on credit scores, health insurance for the unemployed and financial guilt.

A Tour of Duty actor got a word from God that led him to be a writer and producer for CBS, FOX, MTV, Disney, and more.