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He was a seller who wanted a clean life. He prayed and God answered, but he would have to lose it all first...

The Sneaky Chef returns to teach you how to fit fitness into your child's daily routine.

After several deaths in his family, this musician took out his anger physically on his new wife.

Should we save our baby's umbilical cord for stem cell medical use? Is milk good for recovering fluids from exercise? Is knuckle cracking healthy?

The Food Network's Sandra Lee prepares a healthy holiday meal. CBN News reports on mold exposure. Also, VeggieTales and Operation Christmas Child...

The Sneaky Chef Missy Chase Lapin shares how to get your kids to exercise. Also, a musician takes out his anger on his wife.

How can we not pass on parenting mistakes to the next generation? What are prayer closets? Does the devil own the kingdoms of the world?

Get the secret ingredient in foods that can help you look good and stay healthy. Nutrition expert Keri Glassman shows you how.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on dreaming about Satan and homosexual family members.

The secret to financial success can be yours. See what families have been doing all across the nation to better their money situations.

Author and nutrition expert Keri Glassman shares her O2 Diet. Meet a barber who uses his chair to minister and encourage. Also, CBN News reports on...

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on dreaming about Satan and homosexual family members.

Little Xiayou went from constant choking to joyful laughter. See how you answered a mother's prayer.

Is it okay for the opposite sex to live together before marriage? How do I confess my sins with my mouth? Are solo prayers effectual?

CeCe Winans will discuss her work with young people and the issues they are facing today, then she will sing from her latest album.

Gordon Robertson uses Psalm 91 and John 14 from the New King James Version of the Bible to teach on the supernatural.