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Gordon Robertson whips up BBQ pork with restaurateur Lee Ann Whippen and the incredible story of a Scott Smiley, a soldier blinded in combat who went...

The evangelist talks about his healing crusades and discusses how he has a continual reliance on the Holy Spirit.

John Tesh gets candid with Scott Ross about living through a dark personal time and the story of Matt Krueger who suffers from a heart condition that...

America's mortgage crisis has also struck many churches across the country as congregations are losing their buildings at an alarming rate.

Scott Ross recently talked with Larry Gatlin about his faith, his new project, and his missteps along the path of stardom.

The NFL quarterback and his wife share how they met and what kept them together in spite of their personal and professional struggles.

Jennifer Dickenson lost her job, her car, and nearly her home. With faith in God, she wrote out a plan and saw God restore it all. His principles can...

Gordon Robertson prepares perfect 4th of July BBQ with the owner of Wood Chick's BBQ Restaurant, Lee Ann Whippen.

Luis, an Iraq War veteran, will discuss how his dog Tuesday has helped him deal with TBI and PTSD since coming home.

Chuck Holton visits with Scott and Tiffany Smiley. Scott was blinded in combat and has since gone on to become the Army's first blind active-duty...

Fireworks are practically synonymous with the 4th of July, but do you know the history of fireworks? After this video, you will.

Pat Robertson continues his popular Secret Kingdom series with a teaching on the Laws of Fidelity and Change and the story of Mexican superstar Olga...

At 70 years old, he was backed over by his own car. His family and friends prayed for God to intervene.

Lisa Ryan interviews Dr. Charles Stanley about his new book “Turning the Tide,” which hits shelves this month.

Luther Wright signed a $5 million dollar contract to play in the NBA. In his first season, he was kicked off of the Utah Jazz.

Is it a sin to take medicine for anxiety or depression? Is sun-bathing the same as sun-worshiping? Can I date someone who is getting a divorce? What...