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My husband puts his daughter before me. Does the Garden of Eden still exist? Can I renew my relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Learn about worship music from the International House of Prayer. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for people in fear.

Vampire Chronicles author Anne Rice talks about her conversion to Christianity. A Hollywood composer has a word from the Lord that leads him to an...

She was ready to see the doctor for her intense pain when a miracle happened.

Comedian Michael Jr reminds us of the importance of laughter as he performs live in our studio, and the story of Linda Settles who endured 28 years...

Even though it is forbidden for Chinese Christians to share the gospel in their country, CBN News has obtained exclusive images of Christians...

Michael discusses everyone's need to laugh and then he helps us do it with a live comedy performance.

Linda was held captive and sexually abused by her father for 28 years while her mother turned a blind eye.

Jennifer Pharr-Davis shares her story of the strength it took to set the world record for fastest hike through the Appalachian Trail, and David Lewis...

My husband is living with another woman and wants to come back, what should I do? I think I saw my recently deceased son, a Christian when he died,...

An abandoned girl finds a new life when her grandmother enrolls her in a CBN after school program.

Jennifer shares how her faith helped her set the unofficial record for fastest hike through the Appalachian Trail.

The Nuba Mountains are home to one of Sudan's largest Christian communities. And they are being tormented by daily by the nation's Islamic regime.

It's a day of survivor stories on The 700 Club! After their 8-year old son was swept out of a window during a tornado in Arkansas, the Eppes family...

While serving time in Leavenworth, David reached a point of desperation that had him contemplating suicide until a song changed his mind.

Sujo John 9-11 A Simple Prayer, Sujo calls viewers to prayer and turn to God.