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Robert Leon Davis used to be the law, but his crookedness put him on the run from the law for decades. Find out what brought him out of hiding and...

Trish was obsessed with being the perfect Christian, the perfect wife and the perfect mother. This improbably pursuit had devastating results on her...

Kathy and Rich both lost their jobs and the financial stress threatened their marriage. See how their faithfulness to God changed everything.

In today's In the Green Room segment, CeCe Winans tells us her favorite part of growing up in the famous Winans family, about a clothing line she's...

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on dreaming about Satan and homosexual family members.

The secret to financial success can be yours. See what families have been doing all across the nation to better their money situations.

Author and nutrition expert Keri Glassman shares her O2 Diet. Meet a barber who uses his chair to minister and encourage. Also, CBN News reports on...

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on dreaming about Satan and homosexual family members.

Little Xiayou went from constant choking to joyful laughter. See how you answered a mother's prayer.

Is it okay for the opposite sex to live together before marriage? How do I confess my sins with my mouth? Are solo prayers effectual?

What should I do about my husband’s flirting with women? Is it a good idea to pray for patience? Is it wrong to choose not to have children?

Pat iunterviews Newt Gingrich...

Nurse Katherine Seig donated money for a water well in India. She went to India for the well dedication.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke talks about his work in Africa. Also, CBN News reports on terrorists in London.

Miss America 2010 comes to The 700 Club. Also, a man looks for acceptance in all the wrong places.

Todd White hits a wedding chapel in Vegas and finds a man and woman in need of prayer. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a Jamaican woman via webcam.