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Trish was obsessed with being the perfect Christian, the perfect wife and the perfect mother. This improbably pursuit had devastating results on her...

Kathy and Rich both lost their jobs and the financial stress threatened their marriage. See how their faithfulness to God changed everything.

In today's In the Green Room segment, CeCe Winans tells us her favorite part of growing up in the famous Winans family, about a clothing line she's...

Award-winning CCM artist CeCe Winans joins us in the studio for an update on her career and the story of divine intervention in a harrowing car...

Todd White hits a wedding chapel in Vegas and finds a man and woman in need of prayer. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a Jamaican woman via webcam.

Today we hear from Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) as he discusses freedom. Also Pat and Gordon talk about developments in WorldReach, and Miss America...

Pat answers: How can I control my anger? How can I know where to be a missionary?

On skinny Wednesday we hear about a man who lost over 150 pounds in a little over a year with diet and exercise, along with other uplifting stories.

Pat interviews the senator about the dangers of socialism.

Pablo’s wife left him and he wanted to kill himself. He saw The 700 Club and received the Lord in his heart.

He was a seller who wanted a clean life. He prayed and God answered, but he would have to lose it all first...

The Sneaky Chef returns to teach you how to fit fitness into your child's daily routine.

After several deaths in his family, this musician took out his anger physically on his new wife.

Should we save our baby's umbilical cord for stem cell medical use? Is milk good for recovering fluids from exercise? Is knuckle cracking healthy?

The Food Network's Sandra Lee prepares a healthy holiday meal. CBN News reports on mold exposure. Also, VeggieTales and Operation Christmas Child...

The Sneaky Chef Missy Chase Lapin shares how to get your kids to exercise. Also, a musician takes out his anger on his wife.