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She was a hooker. He was a lonely divorcee. It's an unlikely love story that saved them both.

Gordon interviews this expert on what it really means to be trillions in debt.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith's wife, Jennifer, talks about overcoming trouble times.

On today's show Kristi Watts shares her testimoney and we hear about our mounting national debt from Gordon Robertson and Chuck Vollmer.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about balancing career and family.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about how his relationship with God makes him a better father.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about the night he had to tell his wife what to do in case he dies.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about what's important beyond the rodeo.

In this Web excusive, roper Stran Smith talks the competition of roping calves.

He was king of the rodeo, but a rare medical condition almost took him out. That was when Stran realized what really matters.

A young woman finds redemption after many abortions. Plus, Gordon and special co-host Christy Wimber pray forTerry pray for a woman in need of a...

Gordon interviews the chairman on the Cry Out, America event on September 11th.

CBN News reports on the controversy surrounding vaccines and kids' health.

On today's show we hear about a Muslim who became a Christian. Gordon talks to Billy Wilson about “Cry Out America” scheduled for 9-11-09. In the...

How do I receive a baptism in the Holy Spirit? Is God's grace a gift? What is the purpose of anointing oil?

CBN News reports on tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Also, Scott Ross talks to George Foreman on fatherhood.