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You brought warmth and hope to a group of abused girls in Bethlehem and helped change their outlooks and lives.

From Haiti to Israel, Operation Blessing is reaching to people in need around the world -- and it's all because of CBN Partners

If you're a CBN Partner, you have been at work in Haiti through Operation Blessing long before the earthquake hit.

Don and Kay were about to lose their farm, their home and their hope. Don cried to God for help.

Hard times left them under a mountain of debt, using credit just to be able to eat. Then they tried a strategy friends thought was crazy!

Operation Blessing teams up with medical doctors from Israel to bring life-saving care to those suffering in Haiti, thanks to CBN Partners.

This Haiti hospital had no running water for two years. That’s when you sent the help that brought hope and health to this town.

Why does God test us? What are the earmarks of a true revival?

The award-winning singer talks about her new film role as an unwed pregnant woman and how it's changing and saving lives.

No amount of modeling success could help Denise feel secure and accepted. When the parties ended, she found salvation from all her fears.

Rebecca St. James talks about her new movie role. A fashion model looks for security and acceptance. Also, CBN News continues to cover the tragedy in...

Pastor Eddie Long explains his new book, 60 Seconds to Greatness. A top-selling Christian songwriter coped with his failing marriage with alcohol and...

How do we deal with an older son living at home and not contributing? What are God's names? What is wrong with cremation? What will we be doing for...

Sixty seconds is all you need to reach greatness. Pastor and author Eddie Long explains how.

What do I do with gift cards for places out of my area? What do I do with receipts? What key qualities for my small business?

See a clip from CBN's staff chapel and hear Pat's thoughts on 2010.