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You may think that the negative effects of aging are inevitable. But the truth is, it’s up to you how you age.

His parents couldn't save him. Prison couldn't reform him. Mike needed a Savior.

Gordon and Kristi answer questions about: how to pray and what to pray for.

Scott Ross sits down with Dr. Kevin and Sande Leman for an informal interview about faith, life, and love.

On today's show we hear from Steven Curtis Chapman how God used the tragic death of his daughter to bring life and hope to orphans in China. Also, a...

She was healed of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy at the Lakeland Revival.

While his life was grounded in the Muslim faith, a chain of events took place that set Naeem on a new spiritual journey

Gary Lane takes us on this journey of heartache and transformation with Steven Curtis Chapman.

A man survives a dangerous fall. Plus, Gordon and special co-host Christy Wimber pray for a South African woman with diverticulitis.

She was a hooker. He was a lonely divorcee. It's an unlikely love story that saved them both.

On today's show Kristi and Gordon cook Sunday dinner. Also, a hooker and a lonely business man develop an unlikely love story.

Gordon interviews this expert on what it really means to be trillions in debt.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith's wife, Jennifer, talks about overcoming trouble times.

On today's show Kristi Watts shares her testimoney and we hear about our mounting national debt from Gordon Robertson and Chuck Vollmer.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about balancing career and family.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about how his relationship with God makes him a better father.