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More people are realizing polluting and wasting less are worthy goals. Paul Strand reports on one man’s quest to go “extreme green”.

An L.A. Laker point guard shares his testimony. A woman talks about finding healing in Christ after rape and molestation. Also, CBN News reports on...

Kristi Watts shares her amazing results from following the Faith and Fat Loss program. She also interviews the author, Ron Williams. CBN News reports...

Health and exercise expert Ron Williams discusses how the battle to lose weight is a spiritual one.

A man is miraculously healed of sinus cancer. A teen battles drug addiction after the loss of a friend. Plus, CBN News reports on same-sex marriage...

They paid cash for their two-story home, and they haven’t had a mortgage in over two decades! Their strategy can work for you.

Panic attacks held Dawn prisoner, yet the answer to her peace was more simple than she thought.

Evangelist Gregory Dickow shares how he came into the faith from a turbulent youth. A woman is worried sick about finances. Also, CBN News interviews...

Deepak and his wife Sunitha's faith in God was challenged when Deepak suffered pain that doctors could not cure.

Janet Boynes turned her back on God and lived a homosexual lifestyle for 14 years until an encounter in a grocery store parking lot led her back.

Endry had to fight off the vultures at the dump to find food for himself and his family. That’s when you came with a lasting gift…

Michael’s company was downsized, and he lost his job. That’s when this couple needed help to feed their family.

See what Operation Blessing is doing around the world, thanks to partners like you.

The Christian Broadcasting Network looks back on years of ministry.

Today on Skinny Wednesday, we talk to a Beverly Hills surgeon about the benefits of plastic surgery. Also, a woman is healed after waking up...

The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon talks about how plastic surgery can help improve self-esteem and body image.