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Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie became depressed, hopeless and felt like a mistake. Watch how he began to see God’s design for his life and realize...

Yael Eckstein shares her transition from grief to building on the legacy of her father, founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and...

Author and Pastor Katherine Ruonala discusses the power of words and how to change your life by the words you speak in faith.

Kendall and Starla Bridges built a church together and were doing great things for God, until Starla discovered Kendall was having an affair. See how...

Worship leader Darlene Zschech opens up about her battle with cancer and how she’s learned to experience God’s presence in every season of life.

US Olympic record-holder and marathon runner Ryan Hall discusses following God into his sport and the gift of helping others.

Efrem Graham drops by to review this week’s Top Five stories from the entertainment world.

Ammie Bouwman was bi-polar and had a lot of resentment and bitterness. See how she was healed of her bi-polar disorder.

Caylin Moore shares his against-all-odds story from abject poverty in gang-ridden Los Angeles, to the pinnacle of academic achievement as a Rhodes...

Laura Perry, a former transgender who never dreamed she would return to female or to faith, shares how God transformed her heart.

Racial & cultural disharmony is tearing communities apart. Pastor David Ireland shares how Jesus, the great Reconciler and the church can build...

A former monk discusses his journey as described in his new book, From Monk to Money Manager.

Julian McCray’s fatherless quest for affirmation lead him down a destructive path of drug addiction, but God called him out of darkness into new life...

Two complete strangers (both broken, abused, and desperate for love) find their paths converge on the road to wholeness in God.

Now a mega church pastor, Robby Gallaty shares how he was radically saved from heroin addiction.

Rusty was a sweet kid who turned rebel, addict, felon. Just when he thought he had lost everything, he found hope where he least expected it.