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Toronto ministry students hit the streets to show God’s power.

Special co-host Marguerite Evans shows women how to develop real beauty. Also, Gordon and Marguerite pray for a woman needing emotional healing.

Gordon and Terry talk via Skype to Kerry Lewis, a nurse who saw her own personal miracle.

A musician finds his true calling as a father. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for your needs

Featured Story: Teen Challenge helped Curvine get off the streets. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a man who's addicted to pain killers.

Feature Story: Gordon teaches from the Sea of Galilee.

Feature Story: A rap mogul feels a tug-of-war in his soul. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a man battling illness before he can enlist in the...

Feature Story: A young gay man has a startling revelation. Also, Gordon and Christy Wimber pray for a mother whose son has a muscle disorder.

Feature Story: A woman struggles with the pain of two abortions. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with panic attacks.

Feature Story: A muslim finds true salvation in Christ. Also Gordon and Christy pray for Melanie who doubts that God can hear her.

Kim Walker-Smith of Bethel Church and Jesus Culture performs and prays for viewers.

Feature Story: A young Muslim has a vision of Heaven. Also, Gordon and Terry get an update from the 82-year-old missionary who returned from Brazil.

Feature Story: A missionary kid slips into drugs to cope with loneliness. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a wife whose husband is addicted to cocaine.

Feature Story: A gangster walks away from an ATM with a message from God. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a single mom struggling financially and...

Feature Story: A soldier is saved through his saving mother's prayers. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a six-month-old child with a muscle disorder.

Worship leaders Kimberly and Alberto Rivera are back, singing prophetic songs of healing for viewers.