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Feature Story: After a night bar-hopping, this tough biker went for a ride.

Special Feature: Christy Wimber teaches on sin.

Feature: An evangelist finally gets his own healing.

Sharon Stone shares what God is speaking to her today.

Feature Story: A family is tormented by spirits.

Featured Story: A soldier is valiant in battle but a failure at home.

Feature Story: See outtakes from Joseph and Demetria’s trip to Tulsa.

Feature Story: Raped twice, Carla had no reason to trust God.

Feature Story: All the guns in the world couldn’t stop the prayers of this gangster’s grandmother.

Feature Story: See a boy’s miraculous recovery from a fatal fall.

Feature: Abused, alone and pregnant, Faith Harriman didn't know that she could give her broken heart to God.

Special Co-Hosts: Joseph and Demetria Stallings

Watch this special Christmas edition of 700 Club Interactive.

Jospeh hits the streets to ask people if they prefer Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Feature Story: A boy is healed after horrific abuse.