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Ed Gibson's heart attack ends up being a showcase for God's miracle-working power. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for Betty whose husband is in jail and...

Feature Story: A stuntwoman reveals her real-life drama. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for your needs.

Feature Story: A gangster rapper turns back to Christ.

Feature Story: See how a life changes for the better when a woman learns the truth about demons.

Go behind the worship with singer Chris Tomlin. Also, Gordon and special guest Christy Wimber pray for your needs.

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen are joined by CeCe Winans to discuss her hope for the next generation.

Guests Sean and Carolyn Savage tell their remarkable story of carrying a baby full term and then giving him up because of an embryo mix-up.

Husband and wife models Shane and Christina Nearman share their story and what it is like to be Christians in the fashion industry.

Dirty Girls Ministries Founder Crystal Renaud shares about her former addiction and how pornography is an ever-growing obbsession among teenage girls.

Gordon and Terry talk with CBN News' Wendy Griffith and Craig von Buseck about their new book "Praying the News."

A child's ear infection takes a scary turn. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with sinus and allergy problems.

Feature: A musician lays his dreams down. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman looking for direction.

Christy Wimber teaches on the dangers of turning cold towards God.

Feature Story: God performs a miracle in Patty’s life. Also, Gordon and Christy talk about spiritual gifts.

Musical Guest: Kari Jobe. Also, Gordon, Terry and Kari pray for a caregiver and a woman whose husband has cancer.

Special Guest: Kris Vallotton talks about sex and purity.