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Dr. Carl Moeller joins Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen to discuss the persecuted church.

Featured Story: Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber tells his redemption story. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a man wanting to go to Israel.

Special Guest: Jesse Fisher

Feature: See one man's incredible story of survival.

Featured Story: Meet Mariah and Andrew, missionaries in South Africa

Special Feature: A 9/11 widow shares her story. Also, Gordon and Christy Wimber pray for the mother of a soldier.

Feature Story: Girlfriends Actress Cee Cee Michaelea shares her testimony.

Interactive's Gordon Robertson tackles the debt ceiling and just what can be done about it.

Interactive's Gordon Robertson takes on prescription drugs and how it is becoming a widespread addiction.

A Pastor's kid shares his story of addiction to pornography, and Gordon and Terry host a time of general ministry.

Palmer Chinchen, speaker and author of True Religion and God Can't Sleep, discusses God's unconditional love for those in need and how the Church can...

Blogger and mom of six Ann Voskamp discusses her new book One Thousand Gifts and how to live each day with gratitude.

Expert Business and Career Consultant Cynthia Shapiro discusses the signs of an impending layoff and how to prepare for it.

ONE Campaign activist Shayne Moore shares her journey from "soccer mom" to Global Soccer Mom in her fight against Aids.

Shauna Niequist, author of "Bittersweet" and "Cold Tangerines," offers tips to all twenty-somethings on how to avoid a quarter-life crisis.

Author and Pastor Thom Rainer discusses his research on the largest, most diverse and "un-churched" generation ever in America's history, The...