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Feature: A teen is saved from the gang life.

Feature Story: Carla overcame the horror of molestation and rape. Also, Carla, Terry and Gordon pray for others who have faced sexual abuse.

Feature: He was the baddest of the bad with a murder rap and life sentence in prison.

Feature: An evangelist finally gets his own healing.

Special Guests: John and Carol Arnott

International speaker, business consultant and The New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders discusses what it is to be rich and how to live with...

Entrepreneur Jordan Wagner shares a bit about himself and his non-profit organization "Generosity Water."

Young couple Keith and Katie Neubert share about their struggle to have a child of their own.

Feature Story: See how a life changes for the better when a woman learns the truth about demons.

Go behind the worship with singer Chris Tomlin. Also, Gordon and special guest Christy Wimber pray for your needs.

Feature Story: Reward broke through religious bondage. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman with diverticulitis.

Feature: Rapper Lecrae shares his testimony

Special Musical Guest: Brian Doerksen

Featured Story: A man numbs the pain of rejection with alcohol.

Ed Gibson's heart attack ends up being a showcase for God's miracle-working power. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for Betty whose husband is in jail and...

Feature Story: A stuntwoman reveals her real-life drama. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for your needs.