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Several CBN partners ventured to and helped out in an Indonesian orphanage supported by CBN funds.

A television station in Africa is now broadcasting Christian TV in Luganda, the native language of over 10 million people.

Fans in the Philippines have a new way to receive the popular program The 700 Club Asia - just turn on their radio.

The Russian Website, Emmanuil.tv, is making it possible to stream CBN Worldreach programming across the former Soviet Union.

Airing only six months, CBN WorldReach's OneCubed.tv has 3.6 million viewers in Indonesia.

CBN Ukraine's concert group tours across Ukraine and other European countries, bringing the Gospel message to thousands of receptive children.

CBN’s Orphan's Promise, founded five years ago, helps vulnerable children in over 50 countries. Visit their new Facebook page.

Children in Nepal were thrilled to have their celebrity host "Happy" from one of CBN's international children's TV programs, "Happy World," visit for...

Last week, CBN volunteers gave gifts and shared the Gospel with over 600 needy children in remote villages of Thailand.

700 Club Ukraine, produced on location in Ukraine, represents CBN WorldReach's growing number of indigenous Christian programs.

CBN's Orphan's Promise co-hosted "Ukraine Without Orphans," a Christian effort to have families for all Ukrainian orphans in five years.

A new CBN website, leclub700.tv, ministers to more than 20 French speaking countries in Europe and Africa.

CBN WorldReach's new website, TipriTv.com, reaches several language groups in India and across south Asia.

Profits from "Cool Worship" will benefit CBN WorldReach. The Christian CD features Deborah Rosenkranz and Don Moen.

Nearly 10 million people in the Philippines watched the 700 Club Asia and over 800,000 gave their lives to Christ.

Spanish viewers can now watch CBN's popular program "Vida Dura" in high definition on over 180 stations in 19 countries.